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Improving brake and clutch performance. Any suggestions???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dalez, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I own a ZZR-250, 96 model. Now, as it is 12 years old, the clutch has become somewhat stiff and does not pull in smooth action. Also, the friction point on the clutch is about 2cm before it is fully released.

    Im not sure whether this is a clutch issue, or simply a cable issue. I think that a simple solution would be to replace the clutch cable to a much better one, as the stock one is most likely completely worn out.

    So my questions are basically, how can i smooth out my clutch and adress the friction point issue? Should i consider replacing my clutch cable, and perhaps my brake cable to a much better one to improve performance??

    Any help would be great :grin:
  2. New brake pads and bleed/flush and bleed your brakes will drastically improve your braking. I imagine your pads are probably worn and possibly glazed, also brake fluid does 'wear' out, becomes a bit spongey even if blead correctly.

    For the clutch, try lubricating the cable first, if you cant be bothered or its really stuffed, replace it.
    On a cable clutch you have some adjustment for the friction point, but my clutch is hydraulic so i dont know where the adjustment is made.

    If you cant adjust the clutch any further, new springs and probably clutch plates are in order.

    All that said, do the simple stuff first.
    1. Lube clutch cable
    2. Replace brake pads and bleed brakes.

    See how you go from there.
  3. Yep do that. You'll need a pressure cable luber ($9 bucks from any bike shop) and some ez-lube, which is good to have around anyway.

    Bleeding the brakes requires a clear plastic tube and a spanner and a couple screwdrivers.
  4. Take out the levers, and grease the pivot points too.
  5. Thanks for all the informing responses,

    Basically, im going to bleed the brakes as suggested, and check out the condition of the clutch cable. I replaced my rear brake pad about a month ago, and by front has a significant amount of tread, so thats fine for the moment.

    I might however just decide to buy a new clutch cable and install that. Does anyone have an idea/opinion as to the best clutch cable to fit onto a zzr 250 1996?

  6. probably one for a zzr250 1996 if im not mistaken.
  7. Hmm, Deja Vu. The cable symptoms remind me of those I experienced not long before it broke on my way home. Good idea to replace it and from memory a new OE cable was around $17 from Peter Stevens (although that was 6 years ago)