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VIC Impounded...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ZXRpilot, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. So I was riding at night, something I dont do, due to the police hunting for hoons. Idiots like me.
    I rolled a stoppie up to a set of lights, go round corner. Than theres police behind me...Lights flashing, police pull me over bla bla. Bike is impounded, careless driving, and failing to control motor vehicle I believe.
    So...I have to goto court.
    What I need to know is, is there anyway I can keep my licence, even just to go to work.
    I think I hav one point left...at the moment, so i think im fcuked.
    Anyone here have similar? what did you get?
    Should I hire a solicitor? sounds expensive.
    Im an idiot I know...Another thing, im moving to melbourne.
    Was meant to be tomorrow, I guess thatll have to wait til bike is back!
    Should i just lube up now?

  2. Sounds like you are gone for all money and you better get the extra large jar of lube that come in four packs for the price of three! I'm guessing that already being on the bones of your ass in regards to points will be seen as indicating a history of poor driving habits. I have heard of cases where if you claim significant hardship if you lose your licence, say because of work or in your case maybe because you are moving, a miracle may happen and you may get lucky. But I doubt it.

    Given the state of play in Vic with the hoon laws and the fact that you only had one point left, isn't it amazing the amount of heartache a little bit of forethought could have saved you in this case.
  3. Yes...Yes you should.... It’s not wrong to scream in pain if you must...but it won’t help :cool:
  4. Take something to bite down on, it'll take your mind off things.

    Oat cakes and All-bran for you!
  5. Ooouch, maybe people will now realise that the cops are serious about this law.
  6. Are you sure you've told us the whole story??? :-k

    Anyway, look up the white pages for community legal services and get some free advice. You can discuss the situation at length.

    So, was it a rolling stoppie, or just a harsh grab for front just as you slowed down?

    Either way, sounds like an unreasonable application of the hoon laws.

    If it was a rolling stoppie, then in my opinion, you showed GREAT control of the bike - just at an inopportune time! That's way more control of the bike than I have!!! :LOL:

    Just as an aside, California superbike school were considering adding some basic level stunts to the syllabus at one stage. Their argument was that it wasn't irresponsible - on the contrary - putting the bike in unusual attitdues but maintaining control INCREASED bike confidence and overall safety. Hmmmmm :-k

    ...Perhaps you should get Uncle Bren as a legal rep. For some reason the cops like him :grin:
  7. So, let me get this straight.

    You were climbing a mountain and your rope was already down to just one strand, but you decided to give it a tug anyway, just to see it if was still holding your weight???

    Welcome to the bottom of the cliff :roll: :roll:.
  8. G'day everyone,.........

    You can claim hardship and keep your licence for work commute only.
    your licence will have such restriction listed on it.
    Get caught again and it's all over!!

    Dr Who?
  9. :rofl: I'm glad you didn't give up NR when you retired the bike mate! :rofl:
  10. Yep, thats the hole story. It was rolling, I think is the problem.
    But I tried to convince them it was small, etc, for there record.
    Other than that, yer they did take it very seriously, threw the book at me so to speak.
  11. That's GOLD!

    And yes, ZXR, you should lube up!
  12. The bottom of the cliff would be not riding a motorbike at all, would it not? :)
  13. What were ALL the charges then? Sometimes if there are multiple charges you can get them to drop a couple if you agree to plead guilty to the others. Particularly if there is a chance you can convince them that it was just a late braking that went wrong and you were lucky enough not to come of :oops:
  14. I dont know, I guess they can make them all stick? At first I didnt even think they were going to tow it. He said he'll do me for failing to control vehicle. Than 15 minutes later i find out its getting towed, after he was on the radio. Than the seargent was there, gave him a list of what they can do me for. He was claiming that it was so more dangerous than a wheelie. :?
  15. So I assume you popped a mono at the lights (forgive me, I've not heard it describe as a "stoppie" before)? And you want our sympathy?

    Its turkeys like you that give us all a bad name.......

    Yep - sorry, but you are going to have to suffer this time. If I had been one of the cops I would have thrown the book at you too.

    Take note all - displays of this sort of riding hurts us all. No matter what we say or think - it can never be justified in the eyes of the public or the law. My advice - its like drinking and riding - just plain dumb/stupid/pathetic/cretinish/childish/the thing you wouldn't do if you were more experienced.... need I go on... :mad: :mad:
  16. Dangerous to who???

    A rolling stoppie on the public road is at the most, inappropriate... unless you did it while lane splitting, or in heavy traffic.

    I mean, it's not like an speeding sliding right hander in a hotted up rice burner through an intersection...

    By definition a rolling stoppie has you SLOWING down... with the potential to cause injury to yourself and maybe minor property damage.

    Sounds like you've been harshly done by.

    You're certainly guilty of poor judgement.... and maybe being a young hot headed idiot whose now well learned his lesson.

    Get the legal advice.

    The best course might be to object, front to the magistrate, plead guilty with remorse and make solemnly cross your heart, never do it again type mutterings...

    Good luck.

    For John's benefit: Stoppie definition
  17. i wish you the best of luck.

    for all money you will be gone, they like to make some nice harsh judgements when new laws are passed, so that other magistrates have something to go off.

    you said you only have one point left?? a spell from riding/driving is what you need.
  18. psssst john how many years have you been riding?
    As a hardley rider you wouldn't know what a stoppie is by that silly assumption.
    A stoppie is grabbing a handful of front brake so that the REAR of the bike leaves the ground.
    Skilful riders will control that whereas those who don't will bin it.
    A rolling stoppie is one where you can still progress forward on the front wheel.
    In a sense a stoppie is a reverse mono.
    Try doing a rolling stoppie on a hardley.
  19. Yeah, ZXRpilot, go to your room. No supper for you, son.
    I hope you're paying attention, ZXRpilot. Even folks with NFI what a stoppie is think its a bad thing. So it must be bad!
    John, when they film your life story, will Charlton Heston be playing Moses again? Any clues on the other nine commandments?
  20. To be HIT That Hard by the force

    i am thinking

    You have been Watched :popcorn: :deal: ](*,)