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Importing Tyres from the US

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Danielt, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to replace the IRC Roadwinners on my Ninja 300 and intend on slapping on some Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's.

    However these tyres are SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper in the US, like $250 for front and rear as opposed to $400 plus here in Aus.

    I was going to order them from revzilla.com however they are no longer allowed to ship tyres to australia, I think due to some sort of business type deal with local importers.

    I do however have family in the US and I'm considering sending the tyres to them and having them forward that onto me.

    Does anyone think this plan could run into issues? or has anyone been through this process before?

    I'd really like to avoid the massive local price hike if possible.
  2. For the sake of $150 I don't think it's worth it.
    That amount can be easily eaten up in freight costs.
    Does the Australian price include fitting and disposal of old tyres? If so no saving at all really.
    Plus warranty on local purchase and private import doesn't look good.
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  4. Not sure if its worth it for those, but as a general rule yes. I can get a pair shipped here for less than you pay for just the rear tyre in Aus.

    You're not paying that much more here so it may be worth shopping around locally and see who can do a better deal.

    You will however find that most places wont ship Pirelli to Aus, I assume they're stricter on "policing" that.

    I try to buy a lot locally, but we just pay way too much in Aus for tyres.
  5. Revzilla's staff basically told me they would sell me tyres but I'd have to ship them through a freight forwarder or stateside friends/family.

    Realistically though by time they were landed here in Aus. The savings was barely worth the effort.
  6. I dont buy them at Revzilla, heaps of places will ship to Aus, just usually not Pirelli
  7. A lot of Melbourne netriders get their tyres from @MMMTS. He virtually does it for the love of it, so his prices are great! I've saved a lot of money by giving him all my business!

    Of course, that doesn't help anyone who lives interstate, unless you need a set of tyres while you're here for a visit.

    For importing tyres, you could try jakewilson.com. I got a Pirelli Rosso II rear from them shortly before MMMTS started a couple of years ago (I think I was his first customer to fit it). Freight was reasonably priced (better if you get 2 tyres though), and effing quick! I ordered the tyre at 9:00pm on the night before a Good Friday, it arrived in Melb on the Easter Sunday, and then the local freight took until the Wednesay morning to get it to my door.
  8. jakewilson looks pretty good, except they don't seem to have an option for the correct size for my ninja, i might shoot them an email and see what they say.

    I might do some more local shopping and see if I can find a set for a reasonable amount. Bit annoying looking at the price difference and then being told you can't import them directly because Pirelli is trying to make sure their local suppliers can overcharge for them.
  9. I made the switch to Bridgestone S20's. They were a lot cheaper when I got my last tyre, and they're very sticky! The rear doesn't wear so well in commuting on a bike with a fat arse, like the VFR, but they really do stick to the road well.
  10. Where the fark on earth (or in Australia) is a place selling front tyres for road bike for $400? That's a rather huge price and you should look elsewhere. I'm gathering the tyre is probably either a 110 or 120/70 17. If so that's a fairly standard front tyre size. But should still only be around $250 here
  11. Mate, check out Balmain Motorcycles for the tyres.


    I used them to get the Rosso II's for my Aprilia RS125. I think it was $425 fitted for both front and rear. I also considered importing tyres, but after shipping plus paying to get them fitted, most of your savings get eaten up.
  12. He siad front and rear for $400 but still that seems high.

    Last set of tyres i purchased Pirelli Angel ST's 120/70-17 & 190/55-17 were $300 for the set delivered from BikeBiz.

    US prices were ~US$250 plus about $70 shipping.

    Purchased form Aus arrived next day, shipped from the US would have been 2 weeks or more.

    IMO importing tyres is false economy, when you take into account time and effort v's any perceived savings real or otherwise.
  13. Bullshit!

    Tyres I have brought from the US have been to my door in Tasmania in less than a business week. (Purchased Tues arrived Thursday or Friday)

    When I can get a set of Bridgestone S20s for $270 DELIVERED its hard to even think of buying local (with the exception of Vic where this MMMMTS mob seem to be doing really good deals).

    Fitting is a 30 minute job in the shed probably less if I actually hurried and left the beer in the fridge, or worst case if you're lazy drop the loose wheels and tyres off the cheapest shop in the area and that'll probably run you $20-40.

    So we're at $270-310, I cant find anywhere here within $100 of that if I buy the tyres locally...
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  14. If you dont mind me asking, whereabouts are you sourcing your tyres from?
  15. If they're cheaper then go for it but factor in the price of shipment, the possible price of fitting and getting rid of the old ones. Tyres would be the same as purchased here but if anything goes wrong forget about warranty for imported ones if that one in a million happens. Probebly would have difficulty with warranty here as well but you have some one to chase.
  16. Wherever is cheapest at the time, but last time it was Rocky Mountain/Jake Wilson I think.

    Last time we brought, I think it was 3 sets of S20's, with shipping it was 270 pair, for 2 190/120 sets and 1 180/120.

    When I brought a single pair i think it was 295 shipped.

  17. As I posted, even including the shipping cost they're much much cheaper than Aus, fit yourself and you're laughing!
    Tyres are pretty well manufactured today, you'd be unlucky to have a warranty issue, plus they generally don't last long enough for me to worry about that anyway :LOL:
  18. I imported some Pirelli slicks and also purchased a set here. The Australian slicks were 12 months older in manufacture than the American ones from the factory.