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importing question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fubarcbr, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. i have been doing some research about importing some things from the us for my bike and i was wondering if i get say for example 5 things ranging from 100AU to 1200AU do i have to pay customs for the cost of the whole lot or only things that are over 1000.

  2. If you're lucky and the package isn't too conspicuous, there's a good chance you won't have to pay any duties at all :p .

    Seen it done lots with car bits. It's never been picked up.
  3. You can import up to $1000AUD value per consignment I believe.

    Several times I have got things sent from the USA with a value >$1000 and customs had opened the package for inspection, but let it go without duty.
  4. ask for them to be receipted as ex-demo or floor stock if they are obviously new. Customs aren't stupid...

    Remember, if it hits 1K, then you pay duty on the sum of the item, the shipping, and the fee for entering it into the system...

    might be worth getting it split and sent to two different addresses, customs aren't stupid, but the duty may be outweighed by the additional cost of the shipping...

    Best of luck,
  5. Get them to write "PERSONAL EFFECTS" in big letters on the outside, then you'll be sweet.
  6. Hi there!
    Same old questions...

    I am overseas right now and there is this nice akrapovic exhaust waiting at the dealer for me....

    No surprise it is way cheaper than in Australia, 2400 Au$ here in Europe, 4500 Au$ in Sydney :shock:
    It would come to about 2400 Au$ if I would order it from the US as well. I know about this 1000 Au$ duty free import allowance, but am not really eager paying it.
    So what should I do? Is bringing it on the plane more likely to save the import duty than having it shipped from the US? Should I just bring it and have a fake receipt from the dealer here stating a way lower price? What would be the penalty beeing caught? Is it worth the trouble?

    Or should I just buy a new bike for that money??

    Well anyways, your input is much appreciated, the return flight will be leaving in a few days.

  7. When i got bought my indicators from china on the Chinese customs receipt it said "gift". If you want to be completely anal about it give a friend/family member a gift of $2400 and what a surprise they give you the exhaust as a gift. You have no idea how much they paid for it :grin:
  8. As an importer myself, I spend quite a lot of time working out ways to legitimately reduce they amount of duty (& GST) paid on an import.
    I have to do this as it's the only way I can compete with overseas suppliers selling direct to the public here. A single consignment of less than $1000 get overlooked as the amount received for duty and gst isn't worth the paperwork to process the job.
    Go over this amount and you will be hit for Duty at the applicable rate (0-15% usually) and GST on the total. I think you pay GST on the freight cost as well but without checking the paperwork, I can't be sure.
    The $1000 refers to the cost of the goods and the freight is on top of that.

    So on $1001 goods which cost $250 to get here (@10% duty,
    you pay Approx $480 + the cost of paperwork

    There are people who do this for a living. They are called customs brokers. They know the best ways to import and reduce costs as much as possible. You pay for their service but they save you in the long run.

    You could carry the $2400 pipe in your luggage but legally, you should declare it. If you choose not too and they find it, they will take it off your hands and fine you for the privilege. That is your choice.

    Customs are not stupid, they ride bikes as well, some even race bikes so don't think you will definitely get away with saying it's worth a lot less than it is. Especially with akrapovic being one of the most popular add on around. (You could consider an Arata. About the same cost, better performance and no one really has heard of them).
    But again, get caught and they will reem you.
  9. Gift schmift... it doesn't matter...

    The rules are goods valued under $1000 attract no duty, and therefore no processing fee or GST...

    Goods over $1000 attract a processing fee $80 I think, Duty, GST on the lot... it doesn't matter whether it is a gift or not...

    The only thing is if you can pass it off as used or floor stock to justify a sub $1000 invoice and declaration... and get the seller to take $1000 from you on your credit card, and the balance from someone elses credit card, because customs can look at your bank records to compare to your declaration/receipt...

    Even then, the rules are market value or declared value, whichever is higher...

    It is going to be hard to get it in under the radar... they X-Ray almost every bag at arrivals (in Sydney anyway)... a big metal object is going to show up like dogs balls... Friday was the first international arrival in 7 this year where I haven't had my bags X-rayed... and I usually only have 1 or 2 carry-on bags and no checked luggage... (and am not Indian/Chinese looking :shock: )

  10. Get them to throw some drugs in with it. If you get sprung, chances are they won't worry about the duty.
  11. Allright,
    I guess I'd rather go for the drugs then. :p

    I could imagine nicer moments than discussing custom regulations after a 20 hrs flight.
    Maybe I will be asking for advice again, as soon I will decide to have that big metal object thing shipped from the US?

    Thx for the input & cheers,
  12. I had a chat with Customs today and they gave me 2 forms to fill in (4 pages in total) in case my exhaust from the US comes in at over AU$1000... the forms look painful, they cost ~$60 to lodge, plus there is the 5% duty on the value of the pipes and a further 10% GST on the total including shipping :shock:

    Customs would have much less people attempting fraudulent activities or conjuring ways of avoiding this tax if they'd only tax every $ over $1000, not the entire amount and if they had a simple method of payment! Typical government agency, efficiently in-efficient.

    Why can't my bike come standard with a full akra system? :grin: