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Importing Parts from the US. With or Without Paypal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Eyy guys

    I want to import a slip on akrapovic exhaust, fender eliminator kit and bike stand from the US. Gonna go through start cycle or more power racing. Is it safe to pay with credit card or am i better to start a pay pal account? Has anyone had expierience with either and know which one is better? Is it safe to pay with credit card or to risky these days even tho their a reputable dealer?
  2. It's safe to pay with your credit card.. As long as you're confident who you're buying from, there's no reason it shouldn't be.
  3. I have purchased with credit card and paypal from US, no problems. Postage a bit high tho.
  4. No issue buying with paypal using a credit card here
  5. I guess thats the hard thing. Obviously i dont personally have a clue about them but heard nothing but good reports from people who have delt with starcycle and more power racing. Said their both good and honest dealers and they both sell alot of stock so they must be fairly big mainstream dealers. I would use pay pal but i dont have an account and apparantly it takes 3 to 5 days to transfer the fund from you personal bank account to pay pal so i wouldnt be able to order the stuff till next week if i use pay pal
  6. Get a PayPal account. That way you'll shop with ease online.

    Once the account has been verified it is an instant transaction. It does take a day or two for verification though.
  7. Any thing I buy over seas, I get all the details of the product I want, then I ring them up direct and pay by Visa over the phone, I have my goods in my hand within the week from ordering, It also come with global tracking, go on line and see precisely where your goods are in transit.
    I will not put my Visa card into my computer under any circumstances, no Matter how safe people say it is,
    People are still getting ripped off, and once you lose your identity, you cant get it back.
  8. I bought an Akrapovic can from surfsidemoto in the US and had no end of trouble until I used Paypal. They'd deduct my debit mastercard but the vendor (Surfside) wouldn't receive payment so I'd have to wait til the bank re-credited my account. I went through Paypal and it was fine.

    Postage was expensive but I ended up with the Akra for $AUD805 all up so was happy with that.

    I like Brian's idea of calling them - that way you know they have received payment. Not that online ordering bothers me but that way at least you avoid dramas that I had.

    Gotta say it was in my hot little hands pretty quick - about 4 working days.
  9. Link your bank and credit card to your paypal account. If they take paypal, just source the funds from your card and not your account. It's what I do wherever I can.

    Instant transfer, don't need to release your credit card beyond paypal. Does take a day or two to get the bank details set up.
  10. You can link your credit card to paypal, which avoids having to transfer bank funds to paypal.

    Also, if you bank is anything like mine, then they will add on the "Overseas credit card charge" Bastards.


    Edit - Azamakumar is too quick
  11. Dealt with MorePower Racing via creditcard before...all good.
    wait for the emails from Heidi :angel:
    Because its an international credit card transaction they email you for some verification details, that add's a couple of days to your delivery.

    Very good prices...... even with the postage.....A$350 all up for a PC3 for the gumby. (Stuff the Aus price $500+ :rofl:)

  12. Yeh thats a great price!
    I ended up ordering the akrapovic slip on for my 05 zx6r and fender eliminator kit for modified exhausts! Cant wait for it to arrive! Ordered it though morepowerracing.com. They have a great range of stuff, good prices and a very user friendly website which helped me in choose the exact parts i wanted for my bike

    Ohh and i ordered with credit card:)
  13. Don't support Paypal guys, they are one of the worst companies out there when things go wrong and you can easily find yourself getting burnt. Additionally they usually have a pretty awful exchange rate and even your Credit Card will probably be better. Be warned, they are not a bank and are not even a financial institution and as such do not fall under jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman. This means they can basically seize your funds, reclaim payment made to your account, and there's not a thing you can do about it.

    So long as you follow Bank guidelines when using your Credit Card you can make claims against any fraudulent transactions and if you're goods never arrive you'll receive a full refund. Play the save option and always use the Credit Card.
  14. For future star cycle are very good. I got my yoshi can for 380 shipped. Unfortunatly it was dented but they were very good and payed for postage back and were quick about it as well. I think the pipe was damaged before star cycle got it. Paypal with them made it really easy.
  15. +1 This is the advice I was going to give. Although I do use Paypal where I want to remain annonymous to the seller, and not give them my CC details, in those circumstances I understand that in the case of a dispute I may lose all my money.

    With a credit card, when there is a genuine case of fraud, the bank will get your money back. Just be prepared to give evidence in a criminal case if required, and to have to change your credit card number.

    For bricks and mortar businesses who also do business on the web, I think either Paypal or CC is okay, since they can be more easily traced and pursued to resolve problems.