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Importing my car from Japan - LATEST MIGHTY MODS VIDEO

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. #1 moog, Jan 3, 2010
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    OK so it's been a few months in the making but after buying a car from the Japanese car auctions I had to get it back home.

    This is the last video for those that haven't seen it from the actual auctions.


    This is the NEW video of getting it back to Australia and registered


    Hope you enjoy!
  2. loved it!!! :) Keep them coming (y)
  3. Congrats on the new beast :D . Looking forward to seeing future modifications.
  4. What's NOT to like about the Mighty Mods? Awesome production quality, self-deprecating humour and original music!! The kings of Youtube :LOL:.
  5. WOW! I'm humbled - seriously. Do you mind if we quote you on our testimonials page on our website because that kinda props has gotta go public =D>
  6. More... Moooooore!! :grin:


  7. By all means!!! :) :)
  8. Love it. sub'd.
  9. So you guys borrowed Lara bingles astin martin :).
  10. It's even better because (With all due respect to Hornet) because he's not exactly in what I'd guess would be the target market. I'm probably the polar opposite to him, and I love your stuff. Gotta be something to what you guys are doing then...
  11. good stuff!

    what editing software are you guys using?
  12. Ahh god dammit! More suspense!

    You evil, evil man.
  13. love the ending, making people wait AGAIN to see what marty bought now, good thinking, keeps them coming back
  14. You lads have really stepped up the production values. Noice! :D
  15. Love it, nice choice. Only thing is you didn't mention how much the car actually cost at the auction? All the import info is great, and I can't wait to see what you do with it, but be interested to hear what you paid for the car itself.

    Actually that would be my one constructive criticism overall - let us know how much you are spending on this stuff. Case in point is the exhaust for the new car - looks great, sounds great, but probably cost what, north of $1000?

    Keep 'em coming boys!
  16. Yea, I'm interested to see if you saved any money by importing it.
  17. I watched the video - and as an ex importer of used japanese cars both to Australia and Africa I disagree with the statement in the video that says at 6minutes and 6 seconds that "Japanese vehicles have low mileage advanced features and MOST have been cared for meticulously by fussy owners" is just false. Its the other way around most have not been cared for as well as your average Australian does let alone a fussy Australian. They are seen as a throw away commodity.
  18. moog top shelf shit awesome step up from last year. Get pimping that poo-kart drz of yours

    YMGU, you must have allot of friends.
  19. like always guys, top work.

    when's marty's RS wagon get a some action?

  20. shhhhh!!!! :)