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Importing jackets etc from US

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Righty, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Given the crazy state of the Australian Dollar I was wondering if people have started bringing in jackets etc from the US.

    Some of the A* stuff (http://www.extremesupply.com/alpinestars/alpinestarsjacket/smxairfloleatherjacket.html) you could get for half the price you would here in Aus. That's with the shipping cost (http://www.extremesupply.com/info.htm) included.

    Seems like a goer to me, does anyone know if there are any taxes on this stuff as it enters the country or do you just pay the shipping fee and be done with it?

    I know it's not worth doing this with helmets as the aren't technically "Legal" but I see no issues with Jackets and Boots.
  2. Only something I heard but I think if the import is under 1000au theres no tax?

    Do they let you bring foreign leather through quarantine easily?

    Interested myself now.
  3. When they send it out and tick the "Gift" box...then there will be no tax on the item. If they send it as a purchase, then you have to pay tax upon arrival...not sure what the limit is...but I am sure it is below AU$1000.

    Not sure with Leather though...might need to go through quarantine.

    phong =P~
  4. I'm interested too. Theres a joe rocket UFO jacket i tried on at sharptune kawasaki in dandynong an it had a $300 tag on it.

    Only $189.99 on that site.
  5. Remember that's 189 US, so it will work out to roughly 200 bucks AUS. Then there will be the 50 US added for postage. It would work out at about 50 cheaper but that hardly seems worth it.

    The top end A* stuff is about 1400 here but could get it from the US for about 800.

    That's assuming there are no other taxes thrown in.

    Does anyone know who would be good to call and ask if there would be extra taxes?
  6. Hit www.customs.gov.au there is a shipload of info there regarding importing personal items.
    The duty free threshold is indeed $1000, however it really depends on what you're importing as to whether any duty is levied.

    Most low value stuff like spare parts, music, DVDs, tools etc etc etc will come thru no worries.

    That said however, I bought a B3 leather bomber jacket in from the states because it was so damn cheap there, but got hit up for 90 bucks duty because it was a sheepskin item which completely destroyed any savings I might have made.
    Sheep or wool products automatically attract duty on the way into Aus in an attempt to protect the local sheep/grazing industry in this country I'm guessing.

    All I can suggest is to do your research (unlike me :) )
  7. That's interesting, it was $1000 or less ages ago, then became $500. It is now back to ≤$1000.
    Basically you calculate it like so:
    Item value = x
    5% customs duty on x = y
    Overseas shipping cost = z
    Sub total = x+y+z
    Total = 110% of sub total (x+y+z) [10% GST fee]
  8. lol. far as i know, theres no import taxes, gst, or anything, if its marked gift.

    just get em to mark it as a GIFT!!

    otherwise i have to pay GST and import taxes when Aunty Flo sends me an Xbox 360 from netherlands? i think not!
  9. Definitely get gloves, jackets, boots from overseas, especially if our exchange rate now.

    I have had no problems with taxes and I have brought in 2 jackets, 2 sets of gloves, 1 full leather suit, cost me fraction of the price.

    I don't know about you, but I rather pay less for quality.
  10. I am sure no one at customs ever thought that people buying stuff OS could get the seller to write 'gift' on it to try and get around the duty...

    If duty is to be paid, then it is paid... you can write 'used' and a lower value, but if it doesn't look used (NWT) you will pay...

    The important thing is to find out whether duty is payable... don't forget that if duty is to be paid, there is also an fee to be paid just to lodge the duty electronically (about $65 if I remember)...

  11. Also remember in terms of warranties, it would be much harder to claim on something that has been purchased from America rather than locally, especially if you have to send it back to place of purchase!
  12. Just buy away... NO tax under $1k..

    Except Bikebandit charge it for some reason ??
  13. Cool, thank you for the responses. Basically I am interested in some of the top end Jackets and if I can get them at 2/3rds the price it seems worth it. I can't imagine too much will go wrong with regard to a warranty.

    I know, I know, famous last words. But really, how bad could it be when you are saving 600 or 700 bucks? :)
  14. shipping is excluded in the import tax

    Eg: if you buy something thats $999 and $150 shipping you wont pay any import tax
  15. but if it is $1001 you pay tax on $1151...

  16. ....but not everything under this $1000 threshold is duty exempt.
    Be careful, check it out first or you could be in for an expensive surprise.
  17. I would just like to add for people looking for getting stuff from the states, check out US ebay.

    There is heaps of brand spankers new gear on those ebay store things.
  18. It's worth it. I bought some gear from the US. I shopped around a bit and got it landed at my door within a week for half the local price.
  19. I used an ebay seller "flying brians deals" or something to get 2 A* mesh jackets.
    Found the process smooth and landed cost was ~50% of the shelf price in Aus.
    It was marked Gift as I think the threshold was less back then (there was an article a couple of weeks ago about a rise in the personal goods threshold for duty free)

    Just do it. Great way to save money
  20. Does it depend on what part of the states it comes from ??