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Importing Helmets - Anyone Done it ???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dacs, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Looking at importing a craft RX-1 Cobra helmet from the USA
    ( www.crafthelmets.com ) - only reason is it looks friggin horn and i havent seen this style here anywhere.
    The "man" from craft explained to me that they meet aussie standards but if i am caught wearing it without the aussie standards sticker i'm rat poo - thought i'd throw this question out there - is anyone riding with an imported helmet on their noggin ???


  2. ouch... caps...
  3. I dun it wiv ur mum bruva !!!1 :LOL:

    But seriously I think it would be best to stick with official Australian imports which are specified to meet Australian standards. But it is all up to you...
  4. Woops - sorry people ....

  5. i would say the only bad thing about importing a helmet is when u need assistance
    eg: new visor...
    and if it meets australian standard, also what is the price?? cause you can get a helmet for about 300ish... so unless ur getting a top price i would maybe suggest looking here first

    just my 2c
  6. There's an Australian company that's doing an import of those Simpson 'Bandit' helmets... it's one of the ausstreetfighters or something like that. They were estimating that they'd be about $300-400 and that would INCLUDE the ADR sticker and certification.
  7. The price including freight was about $380.00 ....
    Dont mind the simpson style - it is similar , but not as tuff
    and then there is the extra for a tinted visor - $60
    Think i will surf the net a bit more close to home .