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Importing Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Leathered, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Has anyone got any experience of importing bikes to OZ?

    The girlfriend and I are hoping to move over from the UK & I want to bring our bikes over as I can't face selling mine (I can face selling hers, but that idea didn't go down too well :LOL: )

    I'd probably bring over a container & stick the bikes in there I guess, but I don't know how much hassle I'm going to enounter.

    The bikes are an Aprilia RSVR 2002 & a Ducati 748 2002.
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  3. As JD said, 12months of continuous ownership in the UK, with docs to prove it, and you'll be fine. You'll import it, then have to go through rego requirements (will be fine with bikes). Get a Customs broker to arrange clearance in Aus, pay duties, etc.

    If you haven't, then forget about it. Manufacturers wont comply your bike for ADRs and you can't import it without a letter of compliance.
  4. G'day Leathered,
    As mentioned above IF you have proof of ownereship all is well.
    I did the opposite of you and took my old Ducati to the UK and back (long story) you wont gte import duty or taxes etc provided as before you own them and can prove the time.
    Registration here is somewhat different to UK but you'll not have a prob.
    JUST make sure the people who pack them up and ship them in your container have done bikes before, as they can be a bugger to crate up and keep safe.
    Customs at this end will need to certify them to be "bug free" and steam cleaned so there is no Mad Cow disease or anything. Other than that , lookforward to having more Italian machinery thundering down under :grin:
  5. Thanks guys.

    DucFreak - how much did shipping cost you?

    I'm probably going to be bringing a 2ft container with house contents too.
  6. 2ft container.......must be a pretty small house!!!
  7. It was 1997 and we sent a third of a container including the bike. From memory it was $4k or there abouts. So it will be a bit more now.
    Get quotes from as many as you can and make sure they look after the bikes.

  8. Cheers - I'll do that.
  9. Cost the place i worked at about 5-7 grand for shipping and clearance (not inculding packing delivery ect)(20ft) depending on how much run around u want your agent to do for you. We got stuff shipped from Russia (the long way) and cost us about 6k mind you thats for a business rates. Sure its easier from england.
  10. Make sure you get your import approval before the bike lands in OZ, therewise you will have to pay storage in a bond store. Not cheap.
  11. On top of this, if they find out your bikes have arrived before a permit is issued, they wont give you the approval and you're fooked.

  12. They will, it just costs a bomb to have a vehicle in bond store & the approval can take up to a month to get.