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Importing bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by phat_dogg, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    My uncle has moved here from overseas and wants to bring his 2 motorbikes with him. They are a 1998 Suzuki GSXR400 and 2008 Honda CB400 (they only ride 400cc over there). Anyway, i was just wondering how much would it cost to import? Are there any import agents that do motorbikes in Sydney? Also, do motorbikes need compliance and how much would that be.

    After a lot of research i can only find the process for importing a car but nothing on a motorbike.

  2. DONT DO IT!!! the cost is way expensive and will not be worth it. Tell him to sell them and buy some new bike when he gets here.
  3. If he's owned them for over a year, at least one would be able to come in as a personal import which shouldn't be too hard.

    Check the DoTaRs website and have a read of VSB10.
  4. As PAT B said - if they have been owned for a year he is okay - BUT he may only be allowed 1 --- with cars personal imports were 1 car per family member over the age of 18
  5. In 2005 I imported a bike with my personal posssions when I returned to Oz. Had to pay duty.
  6. Yeah he's had the gsxr400 for a few years but the cb400 for about 8 months. He's living here now and the bikes are still overseas with a friend. I told him to sell and buy here but he reckons that he's modded both bikes a fair bit and that it would cost him more money to buy a stock bike and modify with our local prices.

    Ok so, i've also read vsb10 on the website and see that he needs to put in an application form. Before he does so, does anyone actually know how much you'd be paying for duty, freight, compliance etc just so then he knows whether he should import or not before putting in an application?
  7. Probably around 4-5K for both bikes. It can be done albeit jumping thru a few hoops along the way. The AUD being so high makes all freight charges very affordable compared to before.
  8. He should get the GSXR in without problems but I'd say forget the CB400.