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Importing a motorcycle

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by nnila, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hi All,
    I have a daytona 675 and I am moving to Melbourne.
    I am thinking to ship the bike there from London.

    I am looking for any advice, tips, suggestions or comments about this??

    Does anyone know any cheap companies to do it with?
    Any ways to save cash while doing it?

    Any and all suggestions and advice hugely appreciated.
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  3. Thanks - I've owned it for two years though so that shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Having gone through the same process, albeit with cars, I decide to sell and buy again when I got here as it wasn't worth the hassle.

    I wish I had gone to the trouble now as the cars that I wanted to bring are rare here but heyho.

    Daytonas are readily available here so although financially it may cost you a bit to sell and buy again the hassle you save may be worth it.
  5. If I sell my Daytona here I will get maybe £3500 for it.
    To buy it again there, the cheapest I have seen them going for is $8000 or apx £5400 which means I would need to spend another £2000 ontop of what I'd get for mine if I was lucky.

    Ontop of that, I get a relocation allowance from my company so they will pay for the shipping and so I dont even get hit for that cost.

    What types of hassles did you face for it?
  6. It's not worth the hassle especially with such a common bike
  7. nnila how you going. You found this forum. Its R devil btw. Pity you arent coming over earlier could have met and gone to the superbikes at phillip island

    Nilas problem is the price of daytonas here in aus is a rip off. They hold good value here.

    Try these guys nila
    They organise bike transport from aus to the iom tt and back but may also be able to help with your shipping
  8. Hey Red :)
    I made it yeah thanks. I just e-mailed those guys you linked to.
    Where abouts in Melbourne you living?

    The rip off price of all vehicles over there is definitely the put off :) Cars are insane prices over there too!!

    If I can get work to foot most the bill for shipping it there out of my relocation allowance then yeah, definitely worth a bit of hassle to get it over there that way rather than forking out thousands extra myself!
  9. bear in mind you'll pay 10% GST on the cost of the bike plus the shipping... plus any paperwork...

    i really really wouldn't bother.

    is your speedo in km or miles?
  10. Yeah looked at their prices $2260aud one way for a normal size bike and they get it through customs included in that price. Looks like they bring it in as if you were on holiday. Then all you would have to do is get it complied and regoed. Like you said nila if you end up going back after your stay you could always sell it here. Probably for more than what its worth at home. As far as i know the clocks on the daytona are changeable to read kph just have to cycle the settings. And sorry nila i dont live in victoria am from south australia but when youre over here will come out for a long ride and meet up with you. Will probably have a triumph tiger 800 by then.
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  11. Pack and Save quoted me $2100 for two bikes from Perth to London by seafreight. One should be half as much. It is based on cubic metres, so if you can remove your bars and make the bike narrower, it would help.
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  12. It's a while ago but from memory the GST cost/tax is based on the new purchase price OR an agreed value from a qualified valuer or some such BS. That plus all the import guidelines on cleanliness etc it all go too hard especially with all the other stuff I had to sort whilst migrating. There was another thread recently on importing bikes so maybe look at that.
  13. Sounds easy...but, in NSW that's a few days stuffing around and $500 or $600 hundred dollars of engineers certification.

    I'd guess Vic would be less friendly that NSW, too.

    Yup, that bit is easy done.

    Well, if they are decent mob and will pay for the associated costs, you'd be mad not to bring your bike here.

    I suppose it's too late for you to buy a Jensen or Aston Martin? ;)
  14. I cant believe they make it THIS hard to bring your vehicle over.
    It sounds absolutely insane to me, why not just ban it if they plan to make the costs this insanely high?

    Surely there has to be ways to do it affordably as this would otherwise be ludacris.
  15. The 'powers that be' don't want you bringing it with you, hence making it excessively difficult/expensive to do so.

    They want you to buy once you're here.
  16. you dont know much about Australia huh?
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  17. even though the identical bike may be available here, be prepared to have to shell out for a full engineer's report locally before you can register your import.
  18. 2k seems excessive to ship a bike. You can ship a car for 2k.

    I don't know what the tariff rate is for motorcycles, but if it is the same as for cars you will have to pay 10% GST + 5% tariff on the depreciated used value of the bike in addition to the other costs.

    I'd probably do it, just because you will learn a bit about import-export, but it won't save you any money for a low value vehicle like a motorbike.
  19. You are better off shipping something like an Audi A7. Australia price around A$150,000, UK price about £50,000 or A$75,000. Half the cost. You just need to own it for a year while living in the UK, then cough up about $10k in GST+tariff to import it.
  20. Hi all,
    My bike is on its way over here by ship.
    Anyone recommend any good companies that can deal with it once it lands and do everything for me thats needed to get it fully to the point where its ready to go here?

    All suggestions and recommendations welcome.