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Importing a motorbike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by halifax, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Given the strength of the dollar ive been thinking about importing a bike fro either the states or japan.

    Has anyone done this, is it a difficult process (sadly i think i know the answer to this ](*,))

  2. a friend brought his KTM and Fisher Fury over from England with him. Despite it being a kit car, the Fury was easy to get a RWC and Rego (Vic) because it was based on a mk1 Ford Escort. The KTM however, despite being a model that was also available here, was a nightmare to get registered.

    I suspect there is a little protectionism going on......

    I sold a Mondeo manual diesel wagon at a considerable loss rather than go through the hassle of importing it. One of my bigger regrets about the whole move (previous model and not avaialble here)
  3. My brother-in-law is hoping to bring his R1150RT back from the USA next year. From all the inquiries we have made and research we have done, it appears the best solution is: hire a commercial customs agent/broker to do the import, because the paperwork is a nightmare. Our advice from DPI in Perth is that they'll have no problems registering it, provided the feds allow it in the country.
  4. If you do your homework and make sure you jump through all the right hoops, I hear going to the states and buying a Goldwing to bring back with you to sell, can just about pay for your trip ^_^

    Or you could keep it.
  5. This question has been asked many times before. Did you search?

    The simple answer is if it’s a bike you can buy here and you are not "migrating with it" its going to be a very expensive exercise.

    If it’s a rare bike that’s difficult to value it will be just as expensive but may still be worth it.

    I briefly looked at bringing a ZX14 back with me when I was on a US holiday in 07.
  6. Yes, I should have explained my B-I-L- is an American with a permanent residency visa for Australia. It's his bike which he has owned in the US for some two years.

    This eases the way a little, but it's still going to cost the best part of $6000AUD to get it out here and on the road.
  7. Costs:
    * various dock fees (uncrating/crate disposal, inspection fees, clearing fees, cleaning fees if you don't do a good enough job)
    * 10% GST of the purchase price of the bike (or else get a professional valuation costing hundreds of bucks to work out "market value")
    * needs a certificate of compliance prior to rego

    Then insurance: who knows.. Maybe it can be easily insured, I'm still not sure on that.

    I ended up deciding against the shipping. Not worth it thanks to the 10% GST part..
  8. Many countries have their own version of value added tax. Which is often deductible for non-residents buying from overseas. This may offset GST? But it ultimately depends on where the bike is purchased and whether it is new or not and what the fees/charges and conditions are with the whole value added tax situation is.
  9. No, bikes come in full volume compliance, no low volume importers like with cars. Had to have owned and used it overseas for 12+ months. Otherwise you can bring in one made prior to 1989, otherwise forget about it. Plus it just aint worth it for one bike even if you could bring it in.