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Importing a Helmet????

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ZX6RCro, May 11, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to check if anyone know if it is leagal to import and waer a helmet if the same helmet is sold in oz.
    I am buying a lot of gear from the us and wanted to add a helmet but i am not sure if i will run into problems.


  2. Won't be legal unless it has the Australian Standards stickers, which most (if not all) overseas helmets do not have.

    Plenty of people are ok with buying helmets overseas and saving the $$, plenty will tell you to buy here for the legal safety net in the event of a crash.
  3. +1

    The Australian Standard (AS1698) sticker is a requirement even if the helmet is tested to a higher standard like the Snell standard. It is not legal otherwise.
  4. Worse, if you import a helmet, which will not have an AS1698 sticker on it, then crash, and your insurance company inspects your gear for the claim, which they very well may do, then they may reject the claim or reduce the payout, as you were breaking the law. Same as no payout if you were drink driving.

    Yes, they can do that.
  5. +1

    Happend to mate of mine.
  6. there is a simple 10 step process to getting an overseas helmet complied as as1698:

    1)Just go to peter stevens or something and "Try on" a few helmets.
    2)When the salesman isn't looking peel off on of the AS1698 stickers.
    3)Buy your helmet from the US
    4)wack a big of glue on the sticker (i personally reccomend "Clag" or a purple glue stick)
    5)Bob's your uncle.

    Then take the $200 you saved.
    6) spend $79 on a inflatable kiddie pool.
    7)get the remaining $121 changed into 5cent coins.
    8) empty number 7) into number 6)
    9) roll around in your preciously saved coins on your front lawn for all to see

    10)the end
  7. The labels are destroyed by trying to remove them. They cannot be removed intact.

    Are you seeing someone about these strange compulsions? :LOL:
  8. that sounds like a challenge...
  9. Go ahead. On your helmet of course. To make it more interesting, use your best helmet. Take pictures before, during, and after, to share with us all.

    I can always use a laugh. :twisted:
  10. we actually tried this.. some models of helmets are only available overseas

    we went to k-mart to buy those cheap $20 bike helmets.... once you rip the stickers off they have huge lettering that say "VOID"

    and you can't re-stick what remained onto anything let alone a glossy helmet surface =/
  11. in short, don't
  12. I fugure, if you don't have the brains to find the 10million other threads on this topic, probably best you don't try anything that might require use of grey matter............ :roll: