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Importing a Ducati 848

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo_duc, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. hello guys i am looking for any help or experiences in relating to importing my next bike.
    i have my heart set on a ducati 848 ad i am keen to import one from the USA
    main reason for doing this is that it will be cheaper i beleive however i m unaware of a couple of things:
    -coverting to australian standards... eg. miles to kays..? (anything else i am unaware)
    -i have heard you can only import second hand vehicles from overseas?

    Are you guys able to help me with any positives and negatives to all this.
    Much regards

  2. Will eventually not work out any cheaper.
    Use the search, this topic about importing bikes has come up before and all your questions have been answered before. ( I can't remember the answers)

  3. cheers mate, thanx for the links.
    seems like it could either be quite a saving or not...
    ill dwell into it more
  4. well if you're just going to use it for a tracky it probably would be a lot cheaper.
  5. has anyone gone the importing route to get a tracky??
  6. I dont know why you would buy a ducati as a designated track bike. status and repair cost of bike would inhibit you from riding as its designed. could probably find just as nice older cheap v-twin to use as a trackbike. but no one has ever been accused of using logic when buying a bike :p

    you thinking new or second hand? would it really be that much cheaper?
  7. I've a friend who bought an almost new one - he's Ducati savvy having continuously owned a number of them over many years and he reckons the numbers worked out. Mind you this very soon after the model was released so there'd have been bugger all second hand ones here at the time.
  8. I don't know. Ever heard a 1098/1198 down the front straight at Eastern Creek? Magic

  9. i want brand new.. if not ill sweet talk the dealer. ill tell him ill pay full price if u drive it like 100m and sell it seconmd hand lol
    umm considering they are $16000 US compared to $22000 AU (minimum) it is up to 6 grand difference on bike alone
    otherwise id only get a low kay immac condition one
  10. Actually, they're more like $USD14,000. You could sweet talk the dealer to like drive it like 100m and sell it to you for like $USD16,000. It would work out cheaper than buying one in Australia for like $22,000 lol.
  11. I thought post '88 bikes can't be imported without a dealers licence?
  12. Basically, if it's pre-89 or you've owned it in the country of origin for 12 months or more, it shouldn't be hard to bring in, though you'll still need to pay 10% GST on the value of the bike plus shipping cost.

    If one or other of the above don't apply, forget trying to do it as a private individual. You might find a way to do it but then, you might not.

    Getting a machine in as a tracky is possible, but then you're stuck with a bike that can never be road licensed in Australia and as such has almost zero SH value.
  13. yeah i wish.. does anyone know anyone who has been in a similar situation
    good to see they are like 14000 US
  14. Wouldn't think you'd get much change out of $6k with transport from dealer to dock, shipping, GST, import duties, compliance change-over etc... let alone all the stuffing around.

    If it was that cheap/easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it?
  15. All vehicles are cheap as in the US.

    The Australian car industry is heavily protected because of the local industry. Consumers pay a heavy price for this, if you look at any used car in NZ, they're usually half the price of an equivalent car in Aus, or less. How about a clean new import R32 GTR for <$10'000 kiwi dollars.

    Why the **** there are any restrictions or tariffs at all on used motorcycle imports to Australia, god only knows, it's total bullshit.
  16. thanx guys, looks like it is probs not worth it then hey
    well been a big help, and thanx all
    pity we have such harsh laws with motorcycling because since australia doesnt exatly have a motorcycle company established here (as an aussue owned/built motorcycle like ford and holden) i cannot understand the reasons
    anywho thanx again peeps
  17. This is correct. If it is a brand new bike that is available in Australia, or a bike that is newer then 1988, you will have zero chance of getting the permit to import the bike into Australia for road use.

    If you owned the bike for 12 months or more before you imported it to Australia, then you would be ok. You would have the cost of the bike, plus freight and insurance, then add 10% GST to that total. You would also have to pay duty as well I believe.