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Importing a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Epyx, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I just got my L's and I'm shopping around. I'm early 40's, and while I drive a sporty car, I'm more in the market for a tourer kind of bike.

    I'm heading over to USA in a few weeks and I've fallen in love with some classic 80s bikes - in particular, the Honda Nighthawk CB650SC. I've tried finding them here but there aren't any in the used bike market that I can see. Maybe they were never sold here?

    So, I'm mindful that Victoria will have LAMS soon, and CB650 is on the NSW list. Would it be a silly idea for me to find a CB650SC over in USA and ship it back to Melbourne? I'm allowing say $2000 for the bike in top condition, and then up to $1500 for shipping.

    Does this sound like a plan, or am I kidding myself?

  2. Unless you are bringing in a container full of bikes you are kidding yourself. You may save a few hundred at most.
  3. Try the search fucntion it works ok most of the time.
  4. It's technically feasible to do as you suggest, as long as the bikes you're interested in are pre-1989, unlike those who want to bring in current or recent models.

    As ibast notes, you won't make much of a saving on a bike that'e available here. Where you might find an advantage is in having a bigger pool of bikes to choose from and so be able to find a better one than you would here.

    Of course, if the bike you want was never sold in Australia, an import is the only way you're going to obtain it.

    I think you might be a bit optimistic on the cost of the exercise though.

    Best of luck if you go ahead.
  5. I looked at bringing in an RC51 (Honda SP2) from the states.

    Cost $US10,990 so about $AU 15,000 (at the time) for an 06 model.
    Whilst one cost $AU 22,000 up to 05 with thier last release here.

    However, all the hoops to jump through would have taken a total of 12 months and about $AU 25,000. :shock:

    So a very costly exercise to do. But if your really keen, cashed up and patient. Have a crack!
  6. It's effectively impossible for a private individual to bring in anything post '89 unless you've owned and used it overseas for 12 months.

    Pre '89 though, isn't difficult or particularly expensive for anything reasonably conventional.
  7. If it wasn't released here its not hard to bring it in, but it will have to be complianced.

    If anyone, talk to a car importer (say someone who imports chevvys and stuff like that) and see how much it would be for a car.
  8. Incorrect. Brokers do this for individual buyers all the time. You can import whatever you want, its the cost that is prohibative.
    Also its the ADR compliance and emissions standards testing for a non-Aus supplied model that becomes a problem.

    As I said. I looked into bringing a model in a few years ago, but time and cost was too much.
  9. Which is why I stated "effectively impossible" rather than simply "impossible".
  10. Guys, thanks for the replies so far - v. interesting reading.

    For the record, I'm only interested in the one bike - 1985 Honda CB650SC. It's a pretty conventional bike, I just think it's pretty. I'm not trying to "save money" (I don't know why anyone thought that?), I'm just trying to acquire an object of beauty that appears to be unavailable locally.

    I'm confused about some of the answers. Is compliance and emission stuff going to be a problem for me?
  11. For an '85 model bike - nope. There's no restrictions on importing anything that old. However you do still need to fill out paperwork and pay fees (50 bucks).

    More info here:

    Good luck.
  12. Thanks jd. I found a specialist international motorbike freighter mentioned elsewhere on the board - Get Routed. One-way price is $1650, San Francisco to Melbourne, in September.

    I'll have to do some more investigation on that front. At this point, it looks like it might be a feasible project.
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