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importing a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by drjay555, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. hi guys
    just wondering if anyone has any experience importing a new bike from the good old USA. At present bike prices in the US are about 60% of what they are in Oz.

  2. I am curious about Importing: is it feasable to Import from any particular country, to make it easier?

    I'm actually thinking New Zealand: their getting just as shafted with the Pricesover there; but the Exchange rate is VERY favorable: and am sure you could get a good deal, if all the Compliance things that hold over there, stand here as well (am assuming that like most Standards, Aus and NZ are pretty much the same)
  3. nope... very differnt standards,
    otherwise alot of cars would be comeing through new zealand.
    there are alot of jap imports running around in new zealand that cant be registered for one reason or another here (lika a mazda familia gtr i wanted one - but rare as hens teeth over here, pretty common in kiwi land)

    if it was really worth doing, then dont you think everyone would do it - including dealers???
    unless its a specialty bike (up-spec harley model, classic/rare bike like an rc30 or a powerfull/fast lams bike like an rvf400 - [where most of the cost is shipping, and it pulls big $$$ resale]) its just not worth it. specially with a new bike as you get no warranty etc....

    i remember reading an article on it for harleys,
    after all the fees and taxe etc... it only worked out to be up to 5k cheaper.......
    which before you say how much 5k is.....
    many deteriorate quicker (they use salt on their roads, with a worse climate so rust comes into play)
    the US models are different and anything electrical that goes wrong will not be instock in australia.... which means waiting a few weeks for it to come in from overseas especially as they will be a special order, or paying $$$$ in shipping. it also means that alot of dealers can and will refuse to work on it.

    dont forget many things like headlight will need to be changed (US dips to the right)
  4. theres a bloke in ACT I think that offers harley imports, Takami knows of him, I think they were called Harley imports or something like that, had some good examples of bikes with low mileage at reasonable prices.
  5. I think this has been covered quite extensively....have a bit of a search and you'll learn all you need to know. From memory, It's all too hard and not worth the effort because of the Aussie red tape. Shame really, as yes, they are A LOT cheaper over there.
  6. http://www.geezers.com.au/import-post-89-motorcycles.php

    There is a place that will export from japan but from memory you need to order about 5 bikes. One of the dealers in Sydney import CB400's, compliance them and then sell them here. They must be making a bit otherwise why would they bother.