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Importing a bike from the USA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by buelling horse, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I am currently in the USA and cutting around on a cherry bomb 08 Buell XB 12.

    I am wanting to bring this bike abck to Australia when i head home in November. Has anyone doe this, i am currently having problems even find someone to ship it let alone how much it will cost and all the cost once i land on Mr Rudd's docks....

    Any help will be great....

  2. Do a search, this topic has been done to death.
  3. Due to extreme f@ggotry on the part of the Australian government, the number of taxes and compliance costs associated with importing a motorcycle rather than buying locally, make the process less than advantageous.

    UNLESS you will not register it for road use and just keep it as a track-bike.
  4. Not really, it is a bit different if you are currently living in the USA and want to bring back your own bike. Check

    there's a fair bit of info there. And check the links and partners in the toolbar to the left as I'm sure there is a shipping company in there also.
  5. If you have owned the bike for more than a year, I believe a lot of the duties and taxes for importing don’t apply.
    I used to work for a removals company in Aus, and we had a lot of vehicles come in from around the world, I recall Crown being the major mover we worked with in the US, Give them a call, ask some questions
  6. in NSW you need to get Australian compliance, followed by a blue slip roadworthy certificate followed by a RTA vehicle number check which costs about $450 just for them to check the vin and type it into their computers.

    Dont know much about customs duty, is it still 15% of value?
    + shipping costs $$$

    just sell it in the USA,

    bring the money back and ask HD/Buel Australia to get you a new one
  7. I know a guy who wants to ship his CBR1000RR from South America after recently moving to Australia, but unfortunately it will cost him just as much as he paid for the bike to just get it here... IRRELEVANT: Then he has to get his Ls then 3 months later his Ps because he can't transfer his licence and then wait another 12 months to come off restrictions so can ride it.

    Not sure if it'd be much different shipping it from the US.
  8. there was a guy on ebay selling space on a container from the states to Australia. 900 bucks or something!

    too far
  9. I wonder if you could get your L’s & P’s while still using an international drivers license?
  10. His riders licence isn't valid here; so he has to go for his Ls and everything. He used to race in South American too, so it's not like he's not an experienced rider; it's rather pathetic that they would make him go through the restrictions in my opinion... But that's the RTA for you I suppose.

    What makes it worse; is he works at a major bike dealership, where 90% of his colleagues ride, and he can't ride with them... And he's around bikes all day and he can't legally hop on any.

    They only allowed him to convert his drivers licence. :evil:

    Apologies buelling horse, for this has gone off-topic.
  11. I thought bikes were relatively cheap to import because you can fit them in a container with a car.