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Imported ZZR-250 vs. Aus Delivery 250???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm thinking of checking out a ZZR this coming weekend end. It all sounds to be OK and i've called the guy up and he sounds genuine. The only thing is, the fact it is an IMPORTED ZZR250. As far as i am aware there is NO difference between the 2 but i am just curious. I've figured if i can knock the price down it is a good deal.

    I asked afew questions of the bikes history. He said that it was originally bought from melbourne (SUMOTO :oops: :oops:). He is the first owner to register it in Australia and it has been with him for 1 year now. It has 30,000kms on the clock and was serviced at 28, 000. He said he picked it up with 14000kms on the clock and has not had ANY trouble with the bike since then.

    I'm test riding it and going to take my Dad up with me who used to be a bike mechanice Years ago. The rego runs out in September so i would also request that he provides it with a pink slip so that i know it is mechanically sound. If not i'll get it to a mechanic check over before commiting any money if all looked good.

    What are your guys thoughts on this bike??? I though you experienced lot may know of any reasons i SHOULDN'T consider it.

    The bike can be found HERE

    P.S. Sorry for the lengthy message.[/url]
  2. looks preaty standard... I don't even know if Sumoto repainted them... take a look at the LHS... in the rear one of the false indicators seams to have a bit missing... check that side if there was/is any damage... this could be a bit some one forgot after rebuilding the bike afer a crash... you will be supprised how many workshops leave little details like that...
  3. Yeah i noticed that. It was going to be one of my bargaining points on the price reduction (providing nothing else was wrong). It also looks like there might be a small mark on the lower right hand front fairing. It's a white scratch looking thing (shot of it in garage), or it could be a mark/reflection.

    I mean alittle damage is too be epected to e repaired. It is a 9 year old Learners bike after all.
  4. Hey Josh,

    It do look clean, but if anything I would be suss on the kilometres.

    It's not unusual, for speedos to be replaced when bikes are imported, 30,000 for a 9 year old bike means it would only have done around 3000km a year, and most learners would do that in a month or two. Check the compliance plate for build date, you will find it on the front right hand side of the frame.

    The average 250 is bought by a newr rider and kept for around 12 to 18 months. Most learners are younger and incomes are not always high. So once ridng gear, running costs and partying is taken into consideration, that leaves very little for maintenance. Also because they are ridden by newer riders they tend to suffer from just about everything that new riders do wrong, and have probably been dropped at east once.

    Don't get me wrong Josh, not saying this is a bad one, it looks good in the pics.... just look long and hard before ya part with your hard earned .

    happy riding
    go kwaka