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Imported Riding Gears

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NADs09, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. I'm now on the process completing my riding gears, even I don't have my bike yet, lol! Some are imports from my original country. They are mesh jacket, neck protector and gloves (my avatar photo) And unfortunately I can't use my old helmets here which can't meet AU standards so I bought Nolan at eBay and some riding pants and shoes. I hope my old gears to be shipped here are no need for AU standard.

    any tips and suggestions are appreciated.

    just sharing, excited to ride again!
  2. Neck protector?
  3. Strange, never seen one used for road motorcycling. Have seen them used on dirtbikes and karting though.

    Does it interfere with your head movements while riding at all? I imagine it would be difficult to use on a sportsbike.
  4. Helmet standard have changed in Qld and Vic and should soon change in NSW so if your old helmets are EC22-05 then they should soon be legal, but you have a new one anyway. No standards for other gear.
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    Uhm it's pretty comfortable, I used to have upright riding position on my bike before so no problem at all. And planning to have an MT09 here which the same riding position so I think it'll be usable again.
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  7. Yes is is good news that the European EC22-05 standard is accepted in Vic and QLD now. Things are moving that way in NSW but I don't know if there is a posted date for the change yet.

    No legal requirements for any of the other gear so anything sold in Europe should be fine.
  8. yaaay, Go NADS
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  9. Yaaaay, someone got it .............. cheers Uncle GregUncle Greg