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Imported ninja 250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Brento, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, didn't know where to post this but my Mate went and viewed an 09 ninja from for me apparently it's imported and complied and all that it's also fuel injected. It has 8k kms and the guy said 7.5k on road. Is it just me or is that a rip off, especially when I got a quote for 8k for a brand new one on road. Also since imported anyone know if they're dodgy?

  2. Given Kawasaki sell that model bike here officially their claim of getting compliance on an import sounds dodgy to me. Is possible if someone brings their bike with them when moving to the country - though why you'd bother with a 250 only to then sell it is beyond me.

    I'd suggest you keep looking, it's not like there aren't many 250 Ninjas out there to choose from.
  3. Fuel injected is the euro model, USA & AUS got Carby, no difference in power according to the specifications on the euro website. There are no other bits on the euro model that differ from AU/USA model.

    7.5k, tell him his dreaming.

    My question is, is it already registered? Because grey import "cars" can only obtain registration provided that car has never been sold by an Australian dealer of that manufacturer in that country when new. The other proviso is there must be significant difference between the two comparative models.

    For eg. Jap spec Nissan Skyline R35 cannot be registered in NSW, because Nissan Australia sell an Aus spec R35.

    For eg. MX5 roadster & MX5 coupe. Both models are mx5, however the coupe is not sold in australia, techinical difference one's a convertible the other a coupe. Coupe can be registered as a grey import.

    Perhaps, it may be different for bikes; so I would check this if you're really interested in that bike, to make sure everything is legal.
  4. Yeah true apparently they imported it from japan in dec. I'd rather keep looking then spend money on a dodgy import
  5. And im not that interested haha it's not reg'd now but it's 7k for the bike or 7.5 on road
  6. Buy a VTR for $5k and be done with it.
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  8. Wonder how parts for the FI system will be to get :-s

    I want to see the mechanics face when they can't find a carby