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VIC IMPORTANT! Petition to Vic Parliament: download, print, sign, distribute, post. Then eat vodka jel

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the_blacke, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. OK folks the petition is available for download here: http://motorcyclingreview.com/PETITION-MC-RIGHTS.PDF

    The rules of petitioning the Victorian Parliament are here: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/documents/assembly/Petition_Instructions.pdf

    The summary is this:
    1. All signatories must live in Victoria
    2. All signatories must sign for themselves
    3. All signatures must be on the printed page, no blank pages with just names & signatures etc

    Please post back pages as soon as you're done. All pages need at least one signature but you don't need to fill a page before you post it back.

    PLEASE POST PAGES BACK BY FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER. That gives me 3 weeks to get it bound & submitted to parliament.
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  2. Others cannot email it back?

  3. Afraid not. Here in Victoria we don't believe that democracy extends to the internet. Each page must be signed in pen by the hand of the signatory (unless that person is unable to sign for themselves due to medical reasons).

    We also hate trees.
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  4. Nope

    All signatures must be original, scanned or photocopied pages will not be accepted.

    Also what address do we send them to? (Never mind, I found it on the petition page itself)
  5. Bottom of the petition page ;)
  6. Have copies of this been sent to all the bike shops? I reckon they would be able to get a bunch of signatures.
  7. We could take it to our local bike shop for a couple of weeks and pick it up and send it back.
    northing to lose ..yes ?
  8. Absolutely nothing to lose.

    Take a blank in and ask em to photocopy it a couple of times.

    Bloody brilliant idea IMO!
  9. Still a couple more days folks. Don't procrastinate it any longer.
  10. I cleared out the mailbox today. Given the amount of passion around the assault on riders' rights in Victoria I confess I'm disappointed, but thank you to the 11 people who have taken the trouble to sign & post in the petitions. I'll add my own sheets to them and get it submitted to parliament in the next 3 weeks.