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Important lesson I learned today....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by huzey, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Most of you probably know this, but I've only been driving for several years so I don't have huge experience.

    I was driving home from school, I needed to drop off a paper at friends house, she gave me the location and I found it no problems.

    On the way back, I was going along roads I didn't really know, it was dark, I was doing just 50km/hour and I hit a speed hump.

    Nothing bad happened, just a rude shock, there were no signs or anything, it was very hard to see.

    Why is this a important lesson? Well, if I was on a bike, I could have simply been hurled out of my seat.

    So the lesson is, on roads you don't know, concerntrate!

    I'll call the council tomorrow and get them to put up signs or make the speed hump actually visible (same same color as the road, sigh)

    Everyday im learning more and more things to be aware of on a bike, so if anyone else has got anything to share please do :)

    Cheers all, Rhys.

    PS - The speed hump was at Green Point Estate, Newcastle NSW.
  2. And the most important lesson, have your headlights on ;)
  3. Tinted visor probably won't help you much either trying to spot potholes and such.

    But keeping relaxed and loosey goosey with the arms should help in staying on the bike if you do happen to hit something unexpectedly.
  4. The other day it was windy, and the suburb i was riding through had hard rubbish collection week, so you can guess what the roads looked like. I thought i was ready for anything until a branch blew out of a tree and landed in front of me. Scheff
  5. How do you not see a speed hump? I know some are a it difficult but really, it's right in front of you and if you're looking at the road ahead of you as you should be it's pretty hard to miss even if you do only see it at the last minute and slam on the brakes (done that one a few times myself).

    Lucky it wasn't a drunk lying in the middle of the road or you'd be a bit more than shocked. :shock:
  6. I think the lesson is: Don't think of your female friend when on the road with speed hump.
  7. Well, It's just a difficult speedhump to see, alot of the locals also agreed with me, it's that orange-pinkish color cement, and it was the same color as the road. No excuses for not seeing it though, if I was 100% focused I would have seen it.

    Just thought I'd share that with you guys, incase someone might learn something =/

    Cheers, Rhys.
  8. You can go a fair bit faster over speed humps in bikes than you could in cars... Owing to their shorter wheelbase. I was riding out to Monarto Zoo last Sunday and I "missed" the speed hump travelling at 90 km/h (recommended 40 km/h) with a pillion on the back.

    We were both flung up in our seats a fair bit. Needless to say it was a fair bit of fun. Good times had by all.
  9. I've had two unsettling moments with bumps.

    1st is the speed hump for motorcycles only....yes you heard right. Road which goes between auburn cemetery and sydney uni cumberland has a speed hump in the middle but is flat where a cars tyres are. Travelling safely behind a car at 50kmh then all of a sudden a black speed hump right in the middle.....i didn't notice it cause it didn't affect the car. Bang right over it, did manage to wash off some speed though.

    2nd was just the other day travelling on hume hwy eastbound near the stacey st intersection. Going at 70kmh leaning slightly with the road curve and bang right over what i could only describe as a significant crease in the road....quite unsettling....i'm sure my heart skipped a beat.

    These things are not nice on a cbr250 which is light and has poor suspension.....don't think you guys on bigger bikes woulda noticed these with your fancy pre-load/compression/rebound plush forks!
  10. hey i use to go to cumbo, is that bump actually in the cemetary or outside it?
  11. I'd rather concentrate on all roads whether I know them or not! :grin:
  12. Yeah try and stay away from being on a first name basis with the concrete. Just a bit of advise.
  13. be it in a car or on a bike
    when it is clear to do so
    Turn you Highbeam on
    unknown back roads usually have less traffic

    i have talked to many riders of late
    that have said
    they actually ride with the high beam on all the time

    some to the extent they take out the globe on the low beam
    (double light set up)
  14. be it in a car or on a bike
    when it is clear to do so
    Turn you Highbeam on
    unknown back roads usually have less traffic
    That's considerate of other road users! :evil:
  15. I had that, on the way up to wisemans ferry with ktulu and another mate, i was in front and there was a bit more wind than i was really comfortable with, a branch flew off a tree and almost landed on me.

  16. Puts the wind up ya doesn't it? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ......Sorry! :oops:
  17. yes you can go over a speedhump a bit quicker on a bike, but seriously, the attention thing might save the old feller and his 2 mates if ur payin attention... i live in a dirt road riddled with potholes so i leanrt quickly to stand up for the unexpected.. coz my bike made a new hole one day and my god was my "abdomen" sore after that
  18. Goon, :grin: