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Important changes to license laws!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by scootr, May 14, 2008.

  1. IMPORTANT!!!!

    The Queensland Government is planning to introduce changes to the Motorcycle / Scooter Licencing system in Queensland.

    This will affect you and all future riders!

    Some of the proposals include:

    - Licence required to ride a 50cc moped (in Queensland mopeds can be ridden on a car licence)
    - No more Q-Ride
    - Motorcycle Levy on Registrations for motorcycles (currently $56 per registration in Vic for over 126cc)
    - Learner licence to be held for 3 months (currently if you have your car licence you can get your motorcycle licence without the Learner period)
    - Protective Clothing must be worn
    - Separate licence fee for motorcycle licence holders (if you have a car licence and a motorcycle licence you currently pay only one fee)

  2. Joe D’Ercole of the Scooteroo Riders Forum has set up an online petition in regards to licensing law changes in Queensland.

    We would urge as many two wheel riders to read this petition and if you agree please sign it as it very important to the Motorcycle Industry, your civil liberties and hopefully start pushing for other benefits in the use of two wheel transport.

    In today’s budget the Australian Government is saying that the tab for climate change incentives is expected to hit $2 Billion, in all their correspondence there is no mention or benefits of riding two wheels and the benefits to the environment.

    The invitations to the Queensland Government must be in before Friday the 30th of May so please encourage as many people as you can!
  3. will post links soon for a petition
  4. as soon as i get 5 post s up and it lets me
  5. this should do it and this affects all riders not just scooters in Qld
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  7. Why should 50cc< riders be exempt from requiring licenses? What does power output have to do with roadcraft requirements of riding a two wheeled vehicle?
  8. Personally I'm all for powered-two-wheelers of any size requiring a license.

    IMHO, what's going on (if you read my QLD transport link) is that the QLD government is laying out on the table all of the suggestions it's been given for lowering the Powered-Two-Wheeler deathtoll. We're asked by the QLD government (well, QLD citizens are asked, but hey) to give our opinions on each of the suggestions. It's brainstorming, really.

    From there they'll go and develop a policy of the actual changes, and those will get reviewed and then implemented.