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Importance of tyre pressure

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pro-pilot, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Riding the R1 this morning, which was superb every time this week. Turned out the drive way and noticed she was pretty sluggish on turning.

    Once on the highway changing lanes became a major problem :shock:
    As the tyres got warmer the bike just wanted to go straight, even with the wieght of a mini-me on the bars trying to counter-steer!!

    Pulled into the nearest fuel station and checked the tyre pressure.

    I didn't believe it.

    Only 5 psi below normal ( :shock: ) ok I thought, can't make that much difference.

    So after getting them spot on, the bike was back on its way razor sharp as ever!!

    May be worth investing in one of those portable pumps for use in the garage before leaving!!
  2. Yes I quickly check mine before I go out. I just have one of those cheap little compressors, use it to pump tyres, spray paint bits and pieces, its handy
  3. Sure makes a big difference.

    Even something as gentlemanly as my old K100RS was sensitive to TP variations much smaller than 5psi. 2 or 3 was easily enough to make the steering noticeably heavy.

    It might be worth keeping an eye on things as you may have a dodgy valve or a nail in the tyre. It shouldn't lose 5psi overnight.
  4. Haven't checked the tyre pressure in about 3 weeks. Think it has been progressive, just the tip over pressure loss was the 5 mark!

    Cheers anyway! :grin:
  5. I dont notice it that much but it does feel different when the pressure drops below a certain psi. Like mine was on only 26 when I notice it just wouldnt turn :shock:

    So now i check it once a week qhen i fill my bike up at the servo...
  6. Good advice... :)

    :?: Does anyone own a tyre pressure gauge? I own a foot pump with a gauge on it, but when I was doing the course people were talking about picking up a pressure gauge from a pushbike shop or something.. Who here uses one of those?
  7. I have one of those pen shaped ones I keep on my bike at all times. I just use my air compressor and verify the pressure with the more accurate pen shaped gauge
  8. Check it cold, again.

    Did you add 2 psi when at the servo to allow for the tyres being hot?

    Trevor g
  9. Foot pumps especially, and small, round, dial type tyre pressure gauges in general are not very accurate.

    Get a good pencil gauge and always check pressures when the tyres are cold - first thing before you ride.

    Add 2 psi if you have riddden as little as several hundred metres - as the tyres heat, the pressure rises. The recommended pressures are always when cold.


    Trevor G
  10. glad u realised that tyre pressure is very important. Crashes can occur due to this problem but dont over pump them too.
  11. Ok so the lower the tyre pressure the less responsive turning will be? The higher the pressure the more responsive on the controls?

    Also what does a low tyre pressure compare to a high tyre pressure in relation to loosing traction in a corner say for instance by trail braking and loosing the front or powering out and loosing the rear tyre?
  12. I also have a pen type pressure gauge and I use that to verify the air gagues at the pertrol station(I keep it in the glove box)...
  13. on track i use 29psi front and rear because it heats up more and gives more tyre traction. think about it, how much surface do you get when your tyre is flat and fully inflated? on the track, tyre temp increases alot more than it would on street so therefore after a few laps, tyres increase pressure. On the streets, you wont get those temps so you need to increase pressure in your tyres for optimal use.
  14. Mine is a pig if the front is flat. It has a slow leak and the guy I bought it from was riding it around like that, saying that ALL K's handle that way. First thing I did on the way home from collecting it was check the front.

    Always worth checking...
  15. Get a cheap compressor from Stupid Cheep or similar when they ar eon sale, and buy the 5 piece air accessory kit, you'll get a tyre inflator, blower, degreaser gun and a couple of other useless items.
    You'll use the compressor all the time once you have one, and the hole lot will set you back less than $150 if you wait for a sale.
    Oh and concur with tyre pressures, once my bike drops below 38 on fromt or 36 on the rear, it is very noticeable.
    Accuracy is not as important as a repeatable reading, so whatever you use for checking pressures, use it and it only.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. absolutely agree. On my GSF250 bandit... it was turning like a pig, long and slow. Turned out I was running 22 PSI instead of 29. Pumped her up and man hell of a difference....
  17. I ended up buying a little compressor for the garage, well handy to pump up before going on a ride!
  18. I got a Ford metal tyre pressure gauge
    It has 1/2 psi difference from the local BP pump, but who's to say which is right?
    My front tyre will be soon replaced, until then, it loses 2 psi, so i'm checking it every time before a ride.. Tyres lose air stationary, when you ride them, the pressure will generally not decrease.
    ps you need to check it cold, if you ride for 10 min and then check it, it will be 3 psi more!!
  19. it was 5 psi down after riding down the freeway and the tyre would have heated right up , expect it to be down about 10psi

    check again 1st thing in the morning
  20. I mega need the tyre pressure info for my bike? It didnt come with a user manual (if anyone has a copy of a CBR600RR 2004)

    What tyre pressure should i be at