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Importance of all riding gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by balmey, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Long time reader first time poster.

    Over the past few months i have been browsing the forums on net rider and have tried to absorb as much content as possible as this forum is very exhaustive, but i have one (fairly long winded) question:

    At the moment i am looking to purchase a new bike, originally i planned to purchase all my riding gear at the start (helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, boots, knee protectors, back protector & wet weather gear), as the importance of these haven't been lost on me. Unfortunately though my financial position at this point in time would only allow me to purchase the bare necessities (helmet, jacket and gloves) along with the bike and licencing. Would it be worth me waiting until i have the money to purchase the rest of the gear which wouldn't be until at least Feb next yr, or could i get away without having these extra protective equipment for the first few months when i'm learning and riding only in backstreets and low density traffic, as well as riding in only good weather?

    Any advice would be much appreciated
  2. First of all, welcome bud.

    Really, the only other important item you need is the pants champ,
    which dont cost much - under $200.

    I was in the same boat as you when I first started. I went with the
    bare min. helmet, gloves, jacket & pants.

    2.5yrs later, nothing has changed. I've never used anything more
    than that.

    Wet weather gear - dont worry too much about. Summer is just
    around the corner. Even these dont cost that much. I got a new
    2-piece 12mths ago for $100 in one of the many bike shops on
    Elizabeth Street Melbourne.
  3. I started off with just the Helmet, jacket and gloves when I first got my bike.
    Then i gradually got the other stuff like back protector, boots, pants, etc as and when I had the extra $$$.
  4. additional info: here
  5. Welcome to the fun part of getting around, Balmey.

    If you are planning on getting your gear at the same time as the bike (logical) and you're getting it from a dealer, why not do a deal with him for a discount on it if he bundles it in with the bike purchase?? I bought my gear at the same time and the dealer gave me a 20% discount on it because I was buying the bike AND the gear off him. That might be enough for you to get a $200 pair of draggins, and like MG said, as long as you're covered, that might be all that you need.
  6. unfortunately learner riders tend to have this problem of dropping the bike. Whether that is at speed or not is another matter...

    I would say the bare necessities would be helmet, jacket, gloves, at least sturdy jeans, and at least some shoes that cover the ankles.

    Point in case: I crashed at 70km/h going around a bend on what is a quiet country road because a car entered the corner half in my lane (and quiet country roads tend not to be that wide...).

    Damage done to me: kevlar ripped skin off my knee.
    Damage done to my gear: Large scuffs on my boots, particularly on the ankles. Gloves slightly damaged, everything else still intact and good to wear.
    Damage done to the bike: a 50m slide down the road left it with $5500 worth of damage (on a $8000 bike)

    70km/h isn't that fast, and 60km/h in a suburban street isn't that far off it either. If you don't have pants or shoes that match my description, then you should look at buying proper motorcycle gear that covers it. Otherwise you should be fine.

    Ultimately, it's up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.
  7. Let me play Devils advocate. Do you know when you are going to crash ? If not then get the bare essentials from the start! (Helmet, gloves,Jacket,pants,boots) If for some reason I don't have 1 of these I WON'T ride.

    But then again if you know when you are going to come a cropper then I think a Helmet and enough material to cover manhood/pink bits is all the law requires :p

  8. Remember also, Ebay is your friend when it comes to saving a few $$ buying your gear.
    I've picked up some excellent bike gear at low prices a number of times now.

    The No.1 rule with Ebay is knowing exactly what you want and what it would cost in the shops to buy (including the cost of your travel etc to get to the shops) you can save real money.

    And as Hornet said, try and cut a deal with the bike shop when you get the bike. I got a brand spanking Dririder Nordic, usually ~$380 for the grand sum of 150 bucks by doing this.
  9. Welcome n00b! :)

    Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants. They're the ones I'd say make sure you get. Buy them first, then see how much budget you have for the bike.

    Ebay's good, but don't buy a helmet from there. Too many variables IMO. Brand new one from the shop.
  10. Yeah your initial list there misses boots.
    You want good boots.
    I have had several times when the front has washed out, and a quick kick of teh ground has brought it back up, normal shoes would have been shredded, or simply not have been rigid enough to do it.

    So start with Helmet, Jacket, Gloves & Boots, but get some pants (kevlar jeans will do but I advise some knee protectors if you are doing any serios riding in em) and a back protector as soon as you can.
  11. I started off just with helmet, jacket and gloves.

    Then added pants and boots to the mix a few months later when I had more cash.

    But after sliding out twice, my knees love draggin protection.
  12. Welcome to the site :D.

    I just got my bike and half my gear in the last month or so. Only had enough for helmet and a pair of gloves. Paid the bike in one lump sum and went riding with it with just helmet and gloves...a winter jacket, normal pants and sneakers.

    I am sure you'll be alright with a helmet, jacket and gloves. That's how I am riding at the moment. Got my Draggin Jeans on order (I'm small width wise :() and shoes I'll get later down the track. Though I still ride without max protection. Then again I SQUID rode on my 5th time on the road :shock:.

    So long as you take it easy, remember your training and ride sensibly, you should be good.

    Good idea to practice in small roads and in less traffic. That way you're not pressured and get the feel of the bike and also the road.

    Good luck with your decision making =D

    phong =P~
  13. Allllllllllrighty then. :roll:

    As FL said, get a good pair of boots. Only if you value your feet. :wink:
  14. key word...SHOULD. I'm good so far...*touch wood* but pants and boots are coming...lets just hope I don't get bitumen rash prior.

    Unless you are rolling your eyes over the "ride sensibly" comment...I agree lol

    phong =P~
  15. Nobody goes out on their bike to have a crash. Sometimes shit happens.
  16. Ignore those people who say new riders will drop their bike - it's your pride and joy, you'll want to keep it shiny and new for as long as possible!!

    Gear - I've got a new RJays textile jacket, Falco leather boots, helmet, DriRider summer full finger gloves and some fingerless gloves. Total cost $500. The leather jacket I want is $425, so it's waiting till after XMas, and I don't have wet weather gear because I won't be intentionally riding in the rain.

    Get what you can now, anything is better than thongs and singlets!

    And a disc lock is always a good investment!!
  17. We all want our bikes to stay shiny and new, but statistics say you'll drop it, even if it's at 0km/h in the driveway.

    In 2 1/2 years, I never dropped my first bike, but in 6 months, I've dropped the big girl THREE times, all at 0 - 0.05 km/h. It's very easy to get caught off-guard when your bike weighs 235kg DRY! :shock:
  18. Wow, thanks for the responses fellas. The more i think about it the more i cannot wait to get a bike. :tantrum:

    I'm in the process of ordering an alpinestars jacket from the US as the dollar is so good at the moment which should mean that i get it cheap ($400).

    One question about purchasing a bike from a dealer; wouldn't the discounts that you get with all the gear just be offset by the naturally higher prices you pay for a comparable condition bike?
  19. I recently started riding and bought helmet, gloves, textile jacket, draggins, boots. I couldn't afford to buy the highend stuff to start out, so all up was comfortably under $1000. I wear all pieces every time I go out and in my experience each one of them contributes hugely to my confidence on the bike. I think if you shop around and get good value pieces you can tick every box without having to shell out too much.
  20. Absolutely.
    Having all the gear on helps the confidence 100+%.
    Knowing you've got some extra padding around the knees, arse, feet, hands and elbows is certainly a nice feeling even if it only offers a perceived safety benefit.