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Import your cheaper accessories

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I visited a website - www.kneedraggers.com

    Now, importing from them seems to be alot cheaper if you wanna buy a leather jacket for example. Now, here the jacket is $850 - $899 if you shop around.. if I order it from kneedraggers (an american online bike store) it will cost approx $500 including postage (AUD) and will only take 8-10 days to arrive. If you wanna receive it in a garunteed 2 days then that costs $200 AUD.

    I would much rather wait 10 days and save almost half the price.. true?
    just sharing it with you all before you think about buying an $899 alpinestars jacket :LOL:
  2. Thanks for the info..it seems that we aussies are getting ripped off as we all well know.

    There must be a huge market if you sell this gear for the right price in oz.
  3. Yeah most likely ..
  4. In many cases it seems Australian agents / importers just have their snouts wedged too deep in the trough. Two cases in point. I make electric mandolins and little electric guitars as a hobby. Three EMG Select pickups direct from a US online retailer... landed cost AUD$114. Same pickups sell at retail through the Australian agent for $640! My Fuji digital camera bought wholesale when Hanimex were the agent was $599 wholesale $899 retail. Same camera after Fuji dumped Hanimex and started distributing them direct... retail of $539. The ethic seems to be to take the US retail price, convert it to Aussie dollars, and call that the wholesale price.

    Back to the jackets. I've been looking for a jacket for winter for my scooter commuting. US prices plus shipping seem generally to be around half the Aussie retail price. Even when Aussie dealers have imported jackets listed they usually don't bring in sizes bigger then XXL, whereas the US websites show sizes up to 4XL and 5XL.
  5. Rob,

    You make mandolins? Do you sell them? How Much? Can you do lefties?
  6. iamvinhy, r u gonna buy it thru this website??..... if you do keep us posted on their customer service and if it takes any longer than the 10days to arrive..... :D :D (also if you have to pay any other importing fees/tax etc...)

    Im keen on importing a pair of their A* boots. :D
  7. Im waiting till I get my bike (July) :LOL:

    but yeah I prolli will buy it through here n ill keep you all posted on how it goes - shouldnt be charged tax, you just ask them to write it off as a gift and customs dont charge more from what i hear (as long as the sender will write it as gift)

    someone on another forum bought a leather jacket for $518AUD and he received it.. if you want the link for them just lemme know