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Import Motorcycle Centre QLD

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hiriel, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m new on this forum, so a quick intro before my main question. I’m one of these old guys who went for a ride on his son’s bike and thought I better get one of those things (again!). I had a license for 15 years, raced, toured, etc etc. I’ve just come home from an over night bike trip of some 450ks. While away today I rode a tandem pushbike most of the day so I have a very sore arse, but I might be getting off topic.

    Anyway I am considering purchasing (yet another) motorbike from Import Motorcycle Centre, Slacks Creek, QLD. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these guys.

    Regards hiriel
  2. Firstly Welcome to Netrider :grin:

    Secondly I can't answer your question, but I bet someone here can.

  3. Hi hiriel,
    Welcome to the Netrider,
    IMC at Moss Street,
    These guys have been around for quite a few years,
    My brother and his mate both purchased bikes from IMC,
    both bikes where good quality,
    and the guys at IMC where always very helpful and friendly,
    I purchased my brothers FZR when he moved to London,
    and it was still going hard when I sold it and got myself a CBR900.
    So the experiences that we have had with IMC have been positive.

  4. Grave dig I know, and I appologise, but anyone else with experience recently with these guys?
    I was there yesterday and have my eyes on one of their bikes....they seem honest enough, and the price is very reasonable, but tis still a grey import....
  5. I know a bloke who bought a bike off them and said they were very polite, helpful and although he didn't have any problems, felt sure they wouldn't run from him if they had the chance.

    Are they still importing bikes? Someone told me they'd stopped. Their website certainly isn't as good as what it was.
  6. Yep they are still importing; seems to be the majority of their business now.