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Import Monsters

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by andrewzakk, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. G'day All,

    First post so here we go...

    I am looking to buy a 250cc for my first bike that i will then turn into a cafe racer (most likely a gb250)

    Sumoto in Melbourne looks like a no go from all the posts and related info i have read.

    I found a place in Bayswater Victoria called Import Monster that links you to bikes in Japan and takes care of the import side of things.

    Wondering if anyone has dealt with this mob?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. You will be better off buying an officially imported bike to do it with. Less hassles especially with your first bike.

    VTR250 maybe?

    Can't give any guidance on that dealer.

    You might want to introduce yourself
  3. What Vertical C said.
  4. What sort of budget are you looking at? The Suzuki TU250X is only around 6k brand new, which is about the same as what a lot of grey import places would probably try and charge for an old GB250.
  5. Yeah, those TU250 are a classic looking bike, probably good to do the retro cafe racer thing with.
  6. Funny you mention these guys. I had a spare engine shipped from Japan earlier this year by Import Monster. A friend of mine has used them on and off for rims etc for his car.

    Friendly bunch of guys, awesome workshop with heaps of stuff hanging around but when I was there - you need to sort the bikes out yourself. They bring over the stuff and can order things off Yahoo Japan Auctions, but they aren't a dealer.

    If I was after a bike to wreck or a pre '89 classic Japanese bike I'd be speaking to these guys for sure.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice! Much appreciated as i am very much a beginner it can be a bit daunting to make a purchase!

    I will have to look at what is required to register a jap import in OZ

    Those sr500 look bloody nice too! Thanks ryangus

    I will take it all on board and hopefully find a good base for my first bike.

  8. The biggest problem is not registering them, its getting them fixed when they break, parts have to be sourced from Japan generally. A lot of mechanics won't work on them because parts are too hard to get.

    If you are fine having the bike off the road for weeks/months to save a few hundred go for it.
  9. Thanks again vertical C.

    Its a fair point and i would much prefer the wheels to be spinning than sitting idle in the garage with my wife reminding me how stupid i am to buy a bike in the first place!

    i really do like the old hondas and think they make a nice looking cafe but is there any other bikes worth looking at around the 78-85 era? Total project budget would be around 5k - 7k.

    I also like the 250 clubmans but i refuse to buy from sumoto.
    Unfortunately i am not that mechanically minded so something reliable that is easy to work on.
  10. SR500 seems to be popular from that era.

    Really can't advise too much as they are not my style.

    The tu suggested above is a good little starter I have heard.
  11. Seriously mate it might just be a better bet 'cafe-ing' a local bike, not an import. No disrespect, but I'm guessing you've seen some pretty designs online, some real bike-exif style snaps of great classic 250 racers etc, and you'd like to steer clear of Sumoto (which is a great idea as Sumoto are all a bunch of slimy crooks).

    As Vertical C said, parts are scarce for older bikes, ever scarcer for old grey imports. Get something local and go to town sure, but skip the grey.

    The suzuki TU is a good one, you can also a lot with a virago, or even a heavily modded CB400...
  12. 1979 AJS Starmaker/Stormer 250cc :p If you can find one!

    My old man used to race one of the suckers in Buckets races. He was a big boy and these things are only two stroke singles with a 4 speed gearbox so it wasnt exactly quick in the dry!

    **EDIT** But goddamn they smelt and sounded good
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