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Import helmets, legal?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iamvinhy, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Seems somewhat cheaper to import some helmets (Shoei, Icon etc) so is this legal? Or does it need to be sold via an Australian retailer?

  2. its not illegal if you can manage to get one with an australian standards sticker which i really doubt that you could, well maybe if you could get one for cheaper from nz

    if you purchase a helmet without the sticker and get caught wearing it you will be fined for riding without a helmet and lose 3 points
  3. oh ok, thanks :)
  4. no worries not really worth the risk to save some money is iti thought about it then got tolld by a ex copper what would happen if i got caught with it, same reason you never remove the sticker, alternatively you could peel it off another helmet and glue to the new one not that i recommend doing so :LOL:
  5. Why do we wear a helmet?

    If for no other reason, it is to aviod head injury in an accident.

    In an accident, there is your insurance, their insurance, Compulsory third party insurance and all sorts of other insurance.

    If your helmet has a sticker glued on, and is not a real australian approved helmet, they WILL find out if they look. Model numbers, differences in construction, something, anything?

    The one thing I know about insurance companies is that they all have that clause about policies being null and void if you are breaking the law at the time.

    So even if it is the only accident you ever have in your life, not only is your life at risk (coz it is an accident after all), but you risk losing everything, cos you wanted to save $100 on a helmet by importing a non compliant model.

    Buy local. Your head will thank you.
  6. I agree insurance companies will find a way out of paying up if they can but this whole Australian Standards sticker thing is a big load of bollocks, I looked into this exact same thing when replacing my last helmet and what you said is spot on, if it has no Aust Standards sticker then technically its not legal here in S.A. Although I believe the laws do vary from state to state.
    The thing thats shits me is if you get a well known brand say Shoei for example from another country with similar or better standards like the U.S or U.K. and even though the helmet is exactly the same and made in the same factory its not legal here because of a pissy little sticker, when I sussed it out the legal advice I received said it was basically because the letter of the law states "Must have Australian Standards Sticker attached" which means if the sticker has been removed then the helmet is not legal and the really shit thing is if the law just said "Australian Standard or Equivalent Sticker"then no problem so really its the way the law is written, Someone should find the pencil dick that worded the law and give him a good beating.
  7. I too thought that non complied helmets in Aus were a no go, and then I read this - aimed at tourists, but still food for thought


    Helmets for Motorcyclists
    Motorcyclists and their pillion passengers are required to wear helmets. The helmet must comply with Australian Standard AS 1698. Helmets that comply with Snell M90 (US), ERECT (Europe), BS6658 (UK), NZS5430 (NZ), JIST-8133 (Japan) or SS9 (Singapore) standards are suitable.

    In all cases the standard label or sticker certifying compliance with the relevant standard must be clearly visible and must not be removed.
  8. And I'm sure I read in a recent BIKE magazine of a scam in England involving fake compliance stickers, so you need to be doubly careful. Remember, you can always buy another bike, but you only get one life.....
  9. Does that mean you never speed in case your insurance won't pay up?
  10. I have spoken to a Shoei rep, and she told me that different countries have different standards....Australia is one of the toughest. This would explain the difference in prices on their helmets from OS.

    Look for closeout specials etc and you will be able to get a better deal than RRP. Also, if you are buying more than just a helmet at time of purchase, ask what sort of deal they can do.
  11. Toe Cutter is correct.

    We don't have to wear a helmet with an AS1698 sticker, only one with an 'approved' sticker from the list (which alters sometimes... DOT used to be on it but isn't now).

    That doesn't mean that certain less than well informed 'enforcement officers' mightn't try it on by booking you some time, but they'd be incorrect.
  12. No, not at all. It is a risk assesment kinda deal. Sometimes I speed, because I feel safe enough at that time and place to do so. It is a choice that I make when the situation comes up. I usually don't speed by much though. And I'm not making excuses either. When I do it, it's because I want to do it.

    The difference between that and the point I was trying to make was that you don't always speed, you don't always do wheelies, you don't always fail to indicate, you don't always fill up at the servo while sitting on the bike. But you do (should) always have your lid on. And because of that, if the lid is not compliant, you are basically always riding uninsured. Thats all I was trying to say. Even that has exceptions, but you get the jist of it.

    ***Note: I am aware also that if your helmet passes and is marked with a few of the other qualifications, it is also legal here. My posts are more in reference to the multitude of $150 + imported knock off lids that seem to be finding their way into the country. Look on ebay. Some of these look like arai and the like, but have no specification markings on them at all***
  13. For those in WA, yes your helmet must have an AS sticker.

    Road Traffic Code
    Part 16
    Section 244

    But what is approved by the Director General?

    Government Gazette, WA
    1 December 2000, page 6751

    Of interest is that there has been no updating of the Gazette to reflect the current (new) standard AS/NZ1698:2006. Presumably that would mean that on a technicality helmets which show a current AS sticker are not approved in WA. Huh.
  14. For NSW:

  15. I've emailed these guys a couple of times asking them to clarify where they got their information and whether they can back it up... No response.

    Needless to say, it's misleading, and wrong.