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Import Google Maps Route into Garmin (or any other GPS app)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Going on a weekend ride soon. Decided to plot a route in Google Maps then export or save the data as a "KLM" file for importing into Garmin Basecamp.

    Anyway, I've plotted the route, made fine adjustments to enhance the ride (which will all get blown out the window with the first detour). Now, I cannot work out for the life of me where I go to export or to save the file.

    The Google Machine shows me a few links (well, thousands, actually) about this, but they're all largely unrelated and years old, therefore, irrelevant.

    Something's changed with Google Maps and I can't work it out.

    Any help appreciated. Otherwise I'll just enter the route manually into the Garmin (Zumo 690LM)...

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  3. I'd like to import KLM files if I can. I don't know if Basecamp recognises KMZ files.

    Whatever, I've not uploaded anything. I'm starting out from scratch. ie. using Firefox on a Mac (but that shouldn't make any difference). I've created the route in Google Maps (Bright to Gippsland via Yarra Ranges), but there's no option for me to save as or to export or whatever.
  4. Google are at war with Apple and disabled a lot of map functions for Safari, but possibly a few for Firefox as well.
    Google are pushing people to move over to Chrome so perhaps some of the functionality is only available on Chrome or (worse) the paid version of Maps.
  5. Titus, if you're using Windows version of Firefox, could you see if you can create a route then save it to KLM?

    Or anyone? If you can do it in Windows version of Firefox but can't in the Apple version then yeah there are some issues here.
  6. Looks like the Windows version doesnt upload either. I'll have a better fiddle on the mac/chrome tonight but win7/explorer doesnt have the upload function that I can see anyway.
  7. What "upload" function are you refering to? I'm specifically asking how to DOWNLOAD a KML file which is generated when you create a route, say from Bright to Yarra Junction via Marysville.
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  9. Ah, found it it Firefox (on Mac)
    In the NEW Google Maps (it's disabled in Classic Maps).
    1. log on to your Google account (required)
    2. Save the map (if you haven't already)
    3. Open the original map (not the preview).
    4. Click on the little folder icon just under the map title in the LH description panel. A drop down menu appears.
    5. Choose export to KML
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  10. Thanks Titus.

    Unfortunately I must be doing something wrong as your instructions don't work for me. I'm logged into my Google account, but nothing like what you're describing to me is either shown or works.


    CJ found it for me. That new "mapsengine" site is where I went to. It allowed me to save the route that I created. But it saved as a KMZ file, not KML. Basecamp was able to import it. And it transfered to the GPS.

    However, it's easier, believe it or not, to simply punch the route into the GPS directly but using Google Maps as a guide. Basecamp is a slow PoS and overly complicated.

    I used to use Mapsource City Navigator back in the day with my Garmin Extrex Legend C before I got a proper bike navigator. It was far easier to use.

    To CJ, how on earth did you find that "mapsengine" site? It didn't come up in any of my searches.

    Anyway, thanks for your help, fellas, it's appreciated.
  11. Glad you got an answer but just for the sake of completeness... I missed couple of steps that I should clarify.

    Log into account.
    Clicking in the search field should reveal a drop down menu. Third item is 'My Maps' . Click on it (if you have any, they will appear as a list).
    Click on the map you want and a 'preview' of the map appears.
    Click 'open original map', the map loads and the folder icon will be in the field on the left.
    Sorry for the omissions.
  12. Yes a bit obscure, I can't claim any Google zenness though, the site was mentioned on another US forum I was on.
  13. OK, thanks guys.

    Why is Google making things more complex than they need to be. It worked just fine under the original setup.
  14. I tried for hours last night on Mac/Chrome/Safari and couldnt work it out.
    I'll try the steps above :bag:
  15. I've just had a look at Mapsengine and I think it's easier than what I described.
    In My Maps, the 'Create' link (pencil icon) takes you to Mapsengine. When the map is saved, the folder icon takes you to the 'export to KML' option.
  16. Funny. Now that I know of mapsengine and that I've created a map, creating new ones are easier.

    I made up a test one just now, Narre Warren to Apollo Bay via the usual backroads and gave it a unique name.

    Then I selected the download function from that folder icon and selected the ride. It was saved as a KML. Other ones were saved as KMX or some name like that (with an "X" at the end). But I think that was because I selected "the whole map" rather than the specific one that I created.

    And Basecamp wouldn't open it.

    In any case I've decided that it's easier to simply open Google Maps in a browser, plot the route then fire up the Zumo and enter the route in manually, once I've decided which way to go using Google.
  17. Just discovered something. Maps were being saved as KMZ.
    KMZ is a compressed folder. If I change the file extension to .zip, I can unpack it, and inside the folder is the KML file :)

    Also found a link explaining how to load KML onto my Strike Genius, if anyone is interested. Yet to test it though.
  18. Just musing. Years ago I bought a Vicroads road map which folded up and I had in my tailbag. I used that to work out where to go.

    Then technology reared its not-so-ugly head. Used to print routes using the whereis.com.au website for the rides that we went on and laminated them. Notated with distances, etc on them.

    Bought a Garmin Etrex. No map installed, ergo, no roads or routes. But gave me a rough idea of where I was going. Garmin Etrex Legend C had Mapsource maps but kept freezing on me.

    Then came the motorcycle GPS, in my case, an Aldi Go Cruise. Hardware was OK, software was rubbish. With the help of some guys here I installed the WinCE version of the TomTom app on it. Maps were difficult to source and to update.

    Had that til this year when I lashed out and got the Garmin Zumo 390LM. Lightyears ahead. But still small screen. Larger screens cost a fair bit more.

    And today we can plot our routes, fine tune them, print out details or whatever, download the info, upload to GPS software, send to GPS or app on Smartphone.