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Import, discontinued model or current model?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pt, May 1, 2005.

  1. ok. since i'm still on my Ps and i'm currently riding possibly THE MOST average bike ever created, i look intently at all the learner purchases and one thing keeps bugging me. which bikes are grey imports, which ones are imports(if theres any difference) which bikes are discontinued models and which bikes are current models? and whats the difference between the three and who imports them and from where? so current models are fairly easily recognisable and you can walk into any bikeshop and see them, but imports are really confusing me! the models i've heard so far that i can't figure out are FZR250, GPX250, ZZR250, SRV250, ZX2-R, CBR250R, CBR250RR(are the last 2 the same thing?) and RGV250. if anyone can tell me what the difference is between an import and a discontinued model is, i would appreciately it muchly. if people wanna throw up details of 1 particular bike i'm quite happy to collect them and put them in a list to post up or something. not promising anything though :p so if anyone can be bothered enlightening me, i'd appreciate it!

  2. Ok this is difficult question.. best to list all bikes (250cc) that come out here... just out of the ones that you listed the GPX, ZZR, SRV, CBR250RR come out here as oficial realise (CBR250RR is a "special case" worthy of it's own thred) But than all these bike models were also imported and now they are not allowed... coz they changed the import rules...

    I'll try and get info on the most confusing bike of all the CBR...
  3. i see. i found the ZZ-R250 and the GPX250 on the kwacka website but the CBR250RR isn't on the Honda website? and why is it worthy of its own special thread? is it a special release sorta thing for racers only? and it's a fourstroke yeah? and you ssaid something about import laws changing. no more imports? and what happened to the good old across? can you buy them here? :p
  4. the CBR250RR (and R) isn't being made anymore, thats why its not on the website. if you see a CBR being sold as a 2005 model, its just been imported this year, its a grey import. the R model was never brought out here by honda, so ALL of them are grey imports.
  5. FZR's were discontinued in 1994.
    ZZR250 are still made
    GPX250 are still made - and at 6g for a new one not a bad idea
    CBR's - mostly imported - rare to find an australian model (i heard they were white?) (i read recently they were last made in 1998)
    Across - no idea
    ZX2 stopped a while ago too

    If you look at a bike, look at the compliance plate, it will have both the year the bike was made and the compliance date if it's an import. The ones here do so I'm assunming it's the same.
  6. The Suzuki accross, was dicot'd in 2000 i think, or 99, in favour of the bandit 250, as far as learners go, i sorta favour this one as its got its own great lockable compartment big enough for your helmet ( or drive through maccas ) so no need for back packs etc .....

    i got to see not long ago the cylinders out of this bike .... damn there small
  7. From the reasearch I did when buying a bike the best thing to do is look at the compliance plate. If it has the name of the manufacturer on it like Suzuki, honda, yamaha or kawaski then it is an official import. If the compliance plate had "joe bloggs imports company" on it then its an import.
  8. 'Kay, so far as I know:

    Discontinued: Means the manufacturer has stopped making that particular model. Easy

    Import: Manufactured O/S imported and released as an official model here in Aus.

    Grey Import: Never officially released in Australia. Imported privately or through a dealer.

    CBR250RR - The official Australian release model. Production ceased in 1999. http://www.hondamotorcycles.com.au/motorcycle+range/archive/road/entry/cbr250+99.htm

    CBR250R - Is a grey import.

    Hope this helps...
  9. Grey import = Made for other markets (ie: Japan domestic market has a whole range of bikes not seen anywhere else) but easily complicanced here in Aust without [much] modification, parts may not be easily had at a local dealer (ie: fairing for a ZX250R at a local Kawasaki dealer may get a shrug &/or referall to a wreaker). Some commons parts may be OK (ie Chain, Sprockets, levers, indicators).

    Import = (as previously mentioned) Offical released Australian model. All motorcycles are imported (nothing made here), offical models for the Australian market are fully supported by the dealership network (ie: parts, servicing) regardless of age of the bike.

    Advantage of grey imports is that most of them are the sharper end of that market segment (FZR250, ZX2R etc) which is in demand here in Aust. The Honda CBR250RR is (was) an offical model for the Australian market, This is good for Honda CBR250RR models which are grey imports as you might have good parts support from the local Honda dealer network (maybe not for earlier CBR250 models, like pre-1997).
  10. but the disadvantage is insureance and parts...
  11. Not necessarily. It cost me $220 a year to fully insure my grey import FZR, and the local wrecker has heaps of parts.
  12. thanks people! so basically the only ones you should "look out" for are grey imports only because the parts are hard to get. i'm not actually looking at buying a bike at the moment, since i already have one. but i'm kinda looking at a new, or near new, and sportier 250 for when i have the cash. insurance should be slighlty less and petrol too. plus i hardly ever go on the highway. this may start a huge argument, but is there anything wrong with staying on a 250 after i'm off restrictions? i'm assuming most of the other 250s will perform a little better than an old, slow cb250.
  13. greys are not necissarily harder to get parts for. a bike like the CBR250R is MUCH easier to get bits for than most other 250s out there because of how many of them are around. it might be a bit more difficult to get brand new parts through a dealer, but i'd be thinking you wont wanna do that anyways, new parts cost an arm and a leg.

    nothing wrong with staying on the 250, but most ppls like to get off it as soon they can. the lure of a bit of real power is just too much to resist. and yeah, most of the sporty 250s will feel like a ferrari does to a mini driver :LOL:
  14. As far as I have been told:
    All CBR250RR (MC22) have been built in 1990 to 1994 according to my mate most of the gray import MC22s are 91 and 92 with fiew 93... All MPE imports (the official aust) were built in 94 and sat in a weare house till they were brought here... Also the new models that you can get in in the UK and other parts of the world were built in 94 only to have the new fairings put on them... I have no confirmation on this information.

    from my manual serials:
    CBR250RR (L model) MC22 -1000001
    CBR250RR (R model) MC22 -1100001