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Import Car Question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DonDock, May 26, 2007.

  1. Im looking into buying this Subaru Legacy B4 but my problem is its a Rally import and apparently i "cant" be registered in any state.
    I was wondering if anyone knew a way around this so i could get it registered?

  2. Solution.

    Dont buy the car.

    It's that simple.

    The reason it's been set that way is it either was imported without approval or it cannot be made complaint with our road rules.

    Simply put, you wont manage to make it legal and if you do buy it all you will have is a money pit rusting in your back yard.
  3. There are two ways to import a car.

    1. for road registration - must then be certified.
    2. for racing purposes - different duty rules, but it is iported on the basis that it can NEVER be registered for road use.

    You can change a 1 into a 2.

    You are not permitted to change a 2 into a 1.
  4. Yep, DOTARS will not change an import approval for a car that's already in the country. Subaru holds compliance for the Liberty also, so there's no point of exporting it and bringing it back into the country (bit of a loophole) as you'll need to get compliance for the car and Subaru wont do it.

    Thought of taking up rallying??
  5. Damn 3 no's

    I was hoping there would be a way around it somehow
  6. the only way to get around it would be to get another car exactly the same that was imported for normal use and rebirth the rally car, highly illegal and i wouldn't recommend it.
  7. As all others have said it can not be done.
    Why anyone would buy an import that is avaliable localy is is just crazy.
    When I worked at a Subaru dealer we would get heaps of idiots with imported WRX's and LegacyRS/B4's comming in asking for repairs to be done as it was not running right or would not go. On the odd occasion we would take the cars on but most times we would refuse the job. These cars have many different parts/systems that our local cars do not. The Subaru scan tool that we have here will not comunicate with the import cars and the wiring is totaly different so fault finding can take alot longer and cost alot more. If you want one of these cars for a rally car sure they might be a good choice as they are cheap and you will junk the factory ECU and looms anyway. For a daily driver buy a local ADR compliant car that most can fix and parts will not be a problem for.
  8. Except you need to consider that a 2nd hand Liberty B4 here in Australia sells for around $20-30,000. In New Zealand, where there's no restrictions on imports, an equivalent Japanese model Legacy B4 sells for just $10,000. What's crazy is how much Australian buyers pay for 2nd hand Japanese cars compared to the rest of the world so that the local car industry, which at the moment isn't producing the sort of car most buyers actually want, is protected from grey imports.
  9. woudnt call it illigal as long as u use the chasis of the complianced car

    u can register engine swaps and so forth
    but its a shitload of hassle i woulld imagine