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Impatient Motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. So, there was this guy on a Suzuki, right, with L plates. And he's following a cement truck thinking, boy, this guy is really moving slowly. The cement truck indicates to turn right, and so the motorcyclist thinks, "yeah baby! I can just scoot up on the inside of this thing!"

    Imagine the poor learner's surprise when the cement truck immediately changes indicators to turn left and starts turning in front of him! Brown trousers time, skidding in front of people at a bus stop who are looking on in horror, and generally getting all out of shape. He doesn't drop the bike though, to his surprise.

    Don't do what that idiot on the Suzuki did. You might think the truck is turning right, but in fact he's indicating right to turn left. Confused? Doesn't matter. If you get squished, it won't matter that it's not your fault you were confused, you'll be squished.

  2. That would suck, especially if they were riding a nice new shiny bike, like a 2009 Suzuki GSX650FU. Just a random guess :p
  3. I guess it proves you should not overtake a turning vehicle. :roll:
  4. Find a gap and pick it. Sure there's varying levels of risk, find your own levels but don't judge others upon it.
  5. I don't agree Port.

    As I keep saying on these forums, never, ever, ever pass on the left side of a vehicle in the left lane on any road, unless they have their right indicator on, and have stopped moving, waiting to complete a right hand turn. Even then, be very vigilant, and watch for a change of mind by the driver.

    A moving truck with the right hand indicator on does not qualify for the above exception. Many trucks need one and a half or two lanes to complete some left hand turns.

    If anyone insists on passing to the left of a vehicle in the left lane regularly, they will be on the road injured or dead sooner or later. The risk level is very very high. I'd put it at a certainty if the behaviour is repeated regularly.
  6. Yeah, I'm very wary of passing any stopped vehicle near an intersection. But each individual has their own acceptable level of risk. Some days you roll the dice, some days you stay at home.
  7. Have to agree with Roderick here, its not a good idea. He hadn't left the left hand lane completely when I decided to overtake, so not only was I lane sharing with him and breaking the law, I nearly bought the farm.

    I definitely would have been paste if I had tried to shoot through and the truck driver didn't notice me.

    I think in the case where a car is slowing to turn right, and is indicating to do so in their lane, passing them in the left lane is ok (and it's legal in NSW, to overtake them on the left now - as long as they are stationary), with appropriate buffering. As long as they are completely out of the left lane. But heavy vehicles need room to turn.

    See a heavy vehicle indicating? Slow down, give it plenty of room, wait until it's actually committed to a turn before you zip around it.
  8. Reading this post actually made me think it was possibly about me (though I'm not on a Suzuki, not a learner and not in Sydney - that's how I know it's not :p ).

    I was speeding up in the right lane because there were cars in the left lane and a cement truck parked in the left lane, and had been for a while (I'd been eyeing it off as I approached). I didn't want to get merged into so I got ahead... imagine my surprise when, without indicating or anything of the sort, the dormant cement truck is suddenly blocking the entire road in semi-peak hour traffic. I jump on the brakes, using slightly too much back and fishtailing a little. I stop with about a metre to go before the drivers door. He finally looks out his window and realises... looks down at me then sort've just stares until I move back (so he can reverse into a driveway). Bloody idiot :evil:

    I don't think I really did anything wrong (I mean, I was doing all the right things - making a buffer for myself, keeping ahead of cars who'd be reacting late), but there were no tell-tale signs he was suddenly going to block both lanes of the road without any indicating (and he'd been sitting in the truck the whole time - so I didn't know anyone was in it).

    No brown stuff in my pants thankfully but it was a bit of a scare :(
  9. You can overtake on the left if they are indicating right. It says so in the road rules. I do it all the time. Theres nothing wrong with it.

    However, theres also one about indicating sufficiently before changing direction which it sounds like the truck didn't follow.

    But you can't count on other people following the rules these days and you have to cover your own arse.

    I don't blame the Learner for getting caught out. I'd recommend backing off a bit to give a larger stopping distance and don't sweat about how fast you get where you're going. Tailgating will bring you unstuck. Leaving a bigger gap will only make you arrive a minute later, if that.

    EDIT: just noticed that the truck was still partially in the left lane, so he definitely should have waited before overtaking. I often see trucks stradling the centre line to give them better turning room and I never go up the left when i sense they are just manouvreing for turning space.
  10. Trucks are legally allowed to take up two lanes to turn if they are appropriately marked, They are displaying a "do not overtake" decal and/or the yellow and red rectangles, and the situation permits (Turning off a highway onto a local road or a driveway.)

    Sounds like this is exactly what the truck was doing, and if the bike hit the truck while it was turning, It's not the truck driver getting the fine. Another reason to always give the big guys room and be predictable around trucks. Every chance the truckie also didn't know the bike was there.
  11. Nail on the head.

    It essentially comes down to the rider not practicing defensive riding -- squirting into an open spot left in by a big truck? Bad idea.
  12. but because of that 2 lane or more law, they dont even need to indicate right to commence the turn left, or vice versa?

    i would probably have done exactly the same thing as the L dude if i saw the gap as skuffy said. i'd expect any normal truckie to indicate ONLY in the direction they choose to travel, other users should already know to give trucks space when turning. you will only forget once :wink:
  13. My truck driving cousin once said something to me when I spent a day in the cab with him, "Might is Right!"

    Not entirely correct on technical grounds but when one compares the physical size of a truck, and I'm talking about anything from a 3 tonne upwards, to that of a motorcycle the heavy gear wins every time for mine.
  14. My general rule of thumb is that if it's bigger than me it has right of way whether it really does or doesn't cos I'm going to come off second best if it goes wrong.
  15. glad to hear that person and their bike escaped unscathed ;)
  16. I like your thinking +1
  17. That Suzuki rider wasn't you by any chance :wink: