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Impatient D*ck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kyba274, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. not a near miss, just a vent...

    Was driving the cage to the beach the other day with a few mates and a fella on a silver suzuki something with loud pipes comes up behind me. I was sitting in the right hand lane, as the left had parked cars in it. 60km/h zone, with barely any traffic.
    The prick comes up right behind the ass of the car, leaving only 2 metres gap.
    Im going the speed limit, (mayhaps even a few k's above). Can tell the prick is impatient and has a small penis, as he keeps tailgating. Gap comes up in left lane, and he overtakes in the left lane and shakes his head as he goes by. I wasnt really annoyed by the guy until he had the nerve to shake his head at me, as if I were doing something wrong...

    /end rant
  2. do you understand the whole keep left unless overtaking idea? Apparently there was barely any traffic so yes, you were doing something wrong. sure, the rider might have been speeding, but that doesnt excuse your wrong.
  3. Lilley you are not required to keep left in a 60km/h zone unless instructed by a road sign. It is only for roads above 80km/h or unless sign posted. OP did nothing wrong legally. Generally safer to gtfo when someone is being a tosser lest you be a hood ornament
  4. When someone comes up behind you quickly at speed, either move over or finish your overtaking quickly and move aside. I'm guessing you may have been daudling with your overtake of the other cars, hence the impatience. Shits me to tears when cars overtake at 2kmh faster than the car being overtaken. But he could have just been a dick :)
  5. the left lane had cars in it...
  6. ahh yes, my mistake. still its courteous to get out of the way if your in the way.

    not many, there was "barely any traffic."
  7. woops sorry, i meant to say that the left lane had PARKED cars in it
  8. It's the other dude's issue not yours. Only one available lane and you're doing the speed limit. Other guy has to deal with it.
  9. kinda an important part of the story you missed there. i agree with you :p if he was in a real hurry, he just would have spilt past
  10. He probably just lumped you in with the rest of the right-lane sitters Victoria seems to have an abundance of. I'd possibly think the same if you didn't move left once the parked cars disappeared.
  11. +1 It gets frustrating, specially on the highway/freeways, where cars on the right lane try to overtake the ones on the left, at +1kmph speed difference..or to make matters worst, drive alongside, bumper to bumper... :|
  12. +100..........
  13. If you were in the right lane and the left marked lane had parked cars in it then he could quite properly and legally have overtaken you on the left in that lane. The fact is that it's totally his problem if he's too stupid to do so.

    On the other hand if you were straddling the lane marker like some of the d1cks do on Sydney Road then you deserved to be abused...
  14. That's cruise control at work.

    OP ..if he had time to overtake on the left, you had time to move over and allow him to pass. It's the courteous thing to do. After all, you had noticed that he wanted to pass.
    IMHO it's more dangerous to pass on the left as your in a bigger blind spot, than on the right.
    Yes..you did nothing wrong. But you did nothing right either, so don't start bitching about someone shaking his head.
    You said "I wasnt really annoyed by the guy until he had the nerve to shake his head at me, as if I were doing something wrong... " But you did annoy him and wasn't aware of it?....lucky you didn't get your door kicked in, mate.

    Geez...for safeties sake, we all have to be aware of what is around us and how we drive/ride....it seems you aren't.
  15. @Grey Gentry
    >Yes..you did nothing wrong.
    true, he follwed the road rules. Good on him.

    >But you did nothing right either
    He obey'd the speed limit, once again good job.

    >Geez...for safeties sake, we all have to be aware of what is around us and how we drive/ride.
    The rider on the otherhand was speeding. His next move was to tailgate. How safe, might i ask, do you think that is?

    >so don't start bitching about someone shaking his head.
    >....it seems you aren't.
    Don't even get me started

    >lucky you didn't get your door kicked in, mate.
    We're not your mates. So don't imply we are.
  16. What's this? "He obey'd the speed limit, once again good job."

    Just because he was under the speed limit, doesn't mean he wasn't doing anything wrong. It's an offence to block some one from passing.

    Bloody hell, just because you not breaking the speed limit, does not mean your driving safely.

    I'd be asking myself why would the rider shake his head...what I done to upset him. Would you have
    done the same in front of a B-double?

    Who the bloody hell is "we" now? I called him a mate, because I assume he is a fellow rider, but if he is just a cager on here venting then he's no mate of mine.

    You need to learn to think about your driving/riding..and not just the speed limits.
  17. I wonder if Lynchy works for VicRoads or TAC, hmm? Demonising speeding wont get you very far on here.

    Though I do completely disagree with the door kicking statement GG. If the ridier was really impatient as made out, he probably would have overtaken at first opportunity without giving OP proper time to move over. If that's not the case, then while not illegal, its certainly not courteous driving on the side of the OP, but still no reason whatsoever to get his door kicked in. That sort of thing should only be reserved for blatantly stupid and dangerous pieces of driving.
  18. if i was in a car i would'nt give a flying **** what was going on behind me.*

    if you was on a bike and someone tailgaited you...well ,that's different...

    *entirely hypothetical because cars are gay and only faggots drive cars.
  19. Staying in the right line on road speeds of up to 70km/h or less may technically be correct but it is always common courtesy to stay on the left lane if not overtaking or turning right.

    Undertaking is illegal in foreign countries.
  20. From what I got of GG's statement about the door kicking was that he was saying that things could be much worse than a simple head shake...

    As for the actual scenario, meh... If there was room to move over and you didn't then that sucks but if there wasn't then I'd say the OP was justified in their annoyance. We only have a particular perspective here and to be honest, I can't draw a clear picture of it.

    As for Lynchie's flame on GG about speeding.... well.... I will admit that I have tailgated and sped in the past. Was it safe to do so at the time? Perhaps... It certainly was through my rationalisation at the time and when either happened I would have plenty of visibilty and ensure that I had an exit strategy.

    I don't think anyone lives by the book all the time on the road. Judgement calls must be made at times and the skill and experience of a rider can be a factor dictating the survivability of a situation.... If i'm tailgating, my head is above the vehicle in front so I have alot of visibility and I sit in either the left or right hand wheel-track based on where there is an opening. If I decide to open the throttle, I factor in my surroundings... am i in a built up area, how is visibility, how heavy is traffic etc.

    I reckon most riders ride like this and rely more on their riding skillset than draconian law...

    /rant hat off