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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. i'm STILL waiting for my security licence so i can start earning, do a bucket load of hours, and either save or get a loan so i can get my licence, gear, and bike

    but GOD it's taking forever, i was hoping to have a bike by April, looks like June now :\

    every night i dream of riding (or being with jessica simpson, like last night), and every day i grin when i hear bikes go past my house, and read forums, look up motorbike videos, research what i want, learn new things.

    and every now and then (about once a day) i crack the shits and get really impatient, and start whining like a toddler about wanting my bike NOOOWWWWW!!

    someone help, it gets harder to breathe each passing day.

    i don't know how long i can go without having a motorbike, this obsession is killing me.
  2. Go get your tatts first, at least then you will look the part.
  3. Options:
    Do you have your Ls? Go to HART.... use their bikes.
    If you have your Ls. Go do a Superbike School Advanced Rider Course.....use their bikes.
    Impatience: Get over it. Sorry, But this is why a lot of accidents are caused on the road.
  4. lol @ scooter

    Or go buy a monkey bike/pocket bike and get up everyones noses :p

    We used to play on a bike track nearby for hours at a time and the cops never rocked up :p
  5. I was in a similar situation, but it was for more like 3 years :grin:
    But time passes it'll be over soon enough.
    There is nothing you can do but wait.....
    Get into something else cheap and fun while your waiting, bmx, sk8boarding, etc.
  6. I don't do patience very well either.

    Before I got my bike I obsessed over getting it every minute of the day, basically it consumed me....but, I find its like anything else in life you really want but can't have straight away, once you have it things calm down a bit and you starting thinking about 'wanting' something else.

    Don't get me wrong, having my bike is great, riding it is great and having the freedom to go anywhere at anytime is great :) but some days I don't even ride it. It took me 3 bikes to get the one I was happy with, and bending alot of ears on here too :p but now that I have it its just another tool which helps my life get even better.

    My suggestion is if you have to wait for a while try and turn your focus to something else you are interested in and can do straight away. I know this is hard, and I didn't do it, but you will find that it happens anyway once you had your bike for a while.
  7. Good one, scooter :LOL:

    yeah, pleasures postopned and all that stuff.

    But time passes quickly, specially, as Kurt suggested, you concentrate on some other things while you wait.

    Remember the story mark Twain told.

    Two old folks were sitting on their veranda, watching the third straight day of torrential rain in the Mississippi Delta. Twain asked them: "Do you think it will stop raining?"

    The old man replied: "Well, it always has...."
  8. Hey MattyB, you're not the only one. I am on a similar situation, maybe only a little bit worst.
    I'm on my L's, earn a decent amount of money by fiddling a qwerty keyboard in front of a computer monitor (pretending I am working on something ;) ) from 8am 'til 5pm 'ish. I have a bit of disposeable cash that I want to spend on a bike but slightly short to complete a transaction for a used 250. Good amount of cash that can be topped up using a loan (with huge interest) to go ahead and buy a brand new 250, but I am still holding on it, why? First I want to avoid borrowing money to buy my first bike, second I still can't find a suitable used bike for me and oh did I say I'm on my mid 30's, have a wife and 2 kids and a mortgage ... see my point? Patience is good I reckon, it adds up to your self-control (which I guess is necessary especially when you are out there on the road riding). At the moment I enjoy riding my EX3000 mountain bike (both on and off road) while waiting for the right motorbike at the right time. Time adds up the (bike) choices and the money saved for that much awaited day of purchase.
  9. maybe we can hunt together in a few months bonjoji :D
  10. MattyB, just like bonjobi I am in my 30's, kids mortgage etc etc. I have wanted a bike for 20 years.

    Seriuosly wanted one in the last 12 months, I saved a bit of money, borrowed the rest and purchased a new bike. I am so glad I did not buy a cheapie 6 months ago when I had the chance.

    Although if it wasn't my sole mode of transport I would have bought the cheap one.

    Good things come to those who wait. :grin:

  11. Ild rather be on the bike then with Jessica ~grins~

    but thats me
  12. now you've given my that thought, can't wait till i goto sleep tonight :D
  13. At least ive done one good deed for today :D
  14. I also am in my 30's I don't have the burdan of Kids, and I do have the current funds. But those funds are teh house deposit... Somtimes you have to accept sacrafices to achieve your bigger goals.

    I only have to wate till the 18th for going for my L's and then I'll be going shopping. After that go for P's ASAP.
  15. Me too, the whole town doesn't get to ride my bike ;)

  16. Indeed another way to look at it :)

    And im not sure but I think the gpx would perform alot better as well ;)
  17. Got my Old jacket out of the cupboar this evening... Hmmm now I am feeling the urge :)
  18. I know this pain all too well, ive been waiting for about 3 years to get my bike, i now have the bike itself, but no licence YET lol believe me i think its more painful having a brandnew gt250r sitting in your garage for the next 18 days teasing you before you get your licence, kinda like having jessica simpson in your bed but a forcefield around it, it sucks..i know...
  19. So little vision...

    On the bike, with Jessica. Jessica in leathers.
  20. how about... Bike NEXT to bed, Jessica IN bed WHILE wearing leathers, that works for me :D lol