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Immortality ... Do we really want it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. A JELLYFISH may be immortal, scientists believe.

    The turritopsis nutricula, a transparent 4-5mm diameter predator normally found in warm tropical waters, is the only known animal that is capable of reverting to its juvenile polyp state, the Times Online reports.

    source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24970100-23109,00.html

    With our obsession with slowing the ageing process and hanging on to our youth, I wonder if there will be a time where we actually succeed.
    I assume most of us would like to avoid death, and live on indefinitely .. BUT when you consider the consequences, do we really want it?

    1- Population .. with nobody dying, how can we continue to bear children into a world their is no room for?
    2- Family .. if the answer to the first question is to stop reproducing, then their would be no traditional family .. no kids, just a planet full of ageless adults.
    3- Economy ... wealth built over an eternity we'd all end up RICH.. BUT the value of money would ZERO right? So I guess we're all worthless?
    No growth ... No-one to work .. etc.

    Add your views.

  2. *SIGH*


    immortality for me = awesomeness!

    Imagine the achievements i could achieve! I could read every book, rule every country...... and never die!

    Mwahaha :twisted:

    immortality for everybody = crap

    What's so special about living forever if everyone can bloody do it!
  3. id love immortality.

    also immortality doesnt mean you will live forever. youre still a vulnerable squidgy organism capable of dying. natural ageing is just out of the picture

    it certainly would overcrowd the earth, though i do wonder how many people on the whole die of old age? most people in the world would be lucky to die of old age. starvation, disease....these kill a lot of people
  4. If I lived forever, what would stop me from jumping in a space ship and going of eploring? At current attainable speeds, we would need this to explore the solar system, not just everywhere else.
  5. I reckon it would suck :? , bigtime :!: 80 be fine thanks, a ton maximum, and then only if I was still physically agile :smileysex: with at least half my marbles rollin around my mellon, which aint very likely.
    Everything that lives must die, law of nature.

    There's a really good old fairytale that was immortalised in Jim Henson's 'The storyteller' series, where this guy catches death in his magic sack, so no one can die, some interesting carnage ensues.
  6. If people no longer died of old age (but still killable) I think there would be even more wars than now. This would balance out the population.

    Some immortals might become lazy (don't have to worry about doing all the things they want in life... cause life will last forever)

    Also what age would you stop aging.... will people be running around in kid sizes all the time, or do they reach puberty and then stop aging.

    I wouldn't mind being immortal, if you don't age, then you shouldn't lose your marbles, so you should still be capable of rational thinking (assuming you had it before you became immortal) . If everyone else is immortal then you would still keep your friends and loved ones... but still have to put up with the people who annoy you.

    And it would also give an interesting twist if you get done for doing a crime and are in their for life.
  7. Highlander was an okay movie.

  8. Death is simply an evolutionary advancement. The first algaes (algi?) to live on earth are still alive now - they don't die of old age but neither do they change.
    It is quite possible humans may be able to deactivate the gene that causes cells to stop replicating (ie ageing). Problem with that though is infections/disease would still periodically wipe out those that had lived longer than a certain time and hadn't inherited resistance.

    Of course producing a genetically identical copy of yourself is also technically a way of living forever, but the question of whether a clone would have the same personality is an interesting one.
  9. +1
  10. One almost throwaway comment above actually holds the key to the whole thing.

    What's the one big problem with interstellar travel? it takes a bloody long time! But if time is not something you're short of...

    It'd be an interesting race between an immense but not infinite universe and immortal humans still breeding, but some back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest the universe would win and we'd be OK.

    So sign me up.

    (Heck, I'm a sort-of-Christian, so I'm meant to believe I'm already signed up for immortality!)
  11. I would love to be immortal. I am desperate to know what the future (100, 1000, 10000 years) holds. Only way to find out would be to live in it.

    However we will never be immortal. Permanent death awaits us all, even those of a religious persuasion.

    Enjoy life while you can.
  12. I look forward to dying, might actually get a rest then.
  13. One of the TED talks we watched at the marathon dealt with this topic - and practical steps that can be taken to move towards immortality:

    It's not just death, but the degeneration of age we want to avoid. Who wouldn't want to be physically fit and mentally sharp for as long as possible?

    Aubrey de Grey makes the argument that we should develop all the technologies we can to give ourselves the *choice* of immortality, because we don't know what sort of future we face. We should let the children of the next generation make the best decision for their times.
  14. If it was just me that was immortal, then that would suck. I would continue living when all my family & friends would have passed away.

    If it was society that was immortal, then that too would suck. As everybody was immortal, you would still need to work to continue living. Imagine doing your current job forever.......
  15. Immortal? meh, everything gets boring in the end.

    But IMMORAL..........now that sounds endlessly fun! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. I was waiting for someone to leave out a few consanants :LOL:
  17. Well, if I died today and went down to hell, at least it would have been cooler than here in melbourne!
  18. I only want to live for as long as I can enjoy drinks with friends, eat pasta, listen to my ipod, and ride my motorbike :LOL:
  19. I don't know whether I'd like to be immortal or not - but I'd like the opportunity to try. :LOL:
  20. I don't think I'd want to live forever, but it would be nice to have the choice of living long enough to actually get bored with life before one dies.

    I'm 50 and even If I'm fit enough to ride the bike, take the boat out and go traveling around for another 20 years or so it seems unlikely that'd satisfy me.

    The option of 150 or 200 years would be nice... not immortality but a nice long(er) healthy life is what I'd choose.