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Immortal is here...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Immortal, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all, Just introducing myself. I'm from Perth, WA and just new to the motorcycle scene. I got my learners permit last fornight, 1 lesson with not so good instructor, and 1 lesson with good instructor. Got my third lesson tomorrow. Previous to this I don't have any real motorcycle experience... So hoping to find some direction and guidance amongst you fine people.

    At this stage I'm most likely going to buy a Suzuki Intruder, due to the fact that I like the shape of cruisers and the suzuki dealership I went to where the most helpful in exploring bike options with me.

    If you want to ask me anything or offer help and advice, or anything really, I'm open to learning or chat.
  2. Welcome to NR & the world of 2-wheels !
    Only tip I can offer ATM is that your username does not reflect your view on motorcycling :p .
  3. im with stupid ^^^ :p

    im surrounding myself with alot of stupid people today :LOL:

    welcome aboard mate, enjoy your wheels when u find the right pair :grin:
  4. We've been dying for you to log on <groan. :LOL:.
  5. Interesting name for a new rider. I hope it works!
  6. Welcome to NR. Good luck with whatever bike choice you make :wink: .
  7. Welcome to NR.
    There is a club that goes by your username.
  8. Good luck with the lessons and welcome to NR.
    My first bike was an Intruder and I enjoyed just about every moment with it, I don't think it can be faulted as a first bike - except in a headwind, up a hill, on 110km road, but that doesn't happen very often thankfully! - I got blown back to about 85kph and because I had to keep the revs so high, I had to switch to reserve after only 180kms instead of the usual 220km. It's all good fun though. Safe riding.
  9. TOTAL POSTS:- 5

    Initial Post:- 14/08/08

    Last Post:- 15/08/08

    Looks like there is more life in this thread than Immortals Immortality on netrider! :LOL: