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Immigration Advice (Aust)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Someone near and dear to me is coming to the end of their working holiday visa but wants to remain in Australia.
    Can anyone recommend a good immigration agent? (VIC)
    Happy to provide more details via PM.

  2. get her married mate
  3. Reckon you could assist, Goz? :D
  4. nope, i would be breaking the law, i think they call that bigamy
  5. I had a mate in the same situation. They met working on a exploratory mine site in the gobi desert. Marriage solved the problem. They are still together now, and have a daughter. If you are serious then there is one answer.
  6. Is whats happening with mrs messy. We havent ACTUALLY got plans to get married or anything yet......... but thats what we told the immigration department for getting a temporary visa (can be upgraded to permanent after 2 years). Otherwise the only other way i could get her here was tourist visa, and there was problems with that. Was easier with a temporary resident visa because i could be her sponsor.
  7. Thanks guys.
    We have registered the relationship :)
    We will be a day or so short of the 12 month qualifying period for a partner visa.
    The relationship qualifies for a time period waiver but it depends on who is assessing the application. Marriage for convienence isnt an option.
    Just wondering if anyone here has been in the same situation.
    We have until May to work something out.
  8. Have you explored the normal immigration process?? Im assuming it is still a points system??.... and she could immigrate on her own merit (assuming she can meet the entry criteria).
  9. Try a 457 working visa - spent my first 6 years in Australian on it. I've got a good contact with a company who can organise one for you, PM if you want the details
  10. She has no paticular skills although was studying at home. Was working for Service Honda (some will know them) as their export person at her last job at home.

    Takes years even from a "coalition counrty"
  11. I can recommend NOT to use Fragoman. Useless.