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Immense Corner Speed

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kermie, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. I really really dislike wide angle lenses.
  2. Obviously a noob. He doesn't keep two fingers on the front brake. Phfft
    No I don't expect you to get it but I hope someone does
  3. I guess being in the UK superbike squad for kwaka doesn't cut mustard for you. I guess you can push the limits of your ride better than Gary Mason.


  4. Someone's humour meter needs recallibration
  5. blackster obviously doesnt receive any nods back on the roads....

    so now he is quite irritable.
  6. Humour is all good, wasn't sure whether if it was a pisstake.....
  7. Perhaps he put the wrong glove on first?
    Maybe his donkey has a headache.

    On the subject of mr Mason ... sheeeesh... now I know why I have not become an international roadracing star. I have a completely irrational and unjustified horror of cold tyres and massive lean angles, making me a far worse old woman than even I ever realised...
  8. Someone's certainly does but it might not be blackster. Well I'm hoping. ;)

    Edit: blackster, really?
  9. That man has a titanic set of nuts. Cold tires, full throttle and big lean are something I wouldn't even bother with! haha
  10. Very impressive :D
  11. I got the impression that they had been in and out all day trying to fix a misfire? The tires weren't necessarily that cold. I remember seeing him jump that crest on the TV when it happened. It was awesome. Some other guy binned it big time though.