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IMG tags and in-line images

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Fewer and fewer people are on dial-up these days, so we are going to start and allow the use of IMG tags across the entire forums, with a few guidelines though ...

    * Restrict the number of images to be used in a post to 3 (we already have a photo gallery if you want to have more)
    * The forums Terms and Conditions of course still apply to images.
    * No images in signatures!
    * Images should also be applicable/relevant to the post - no pics just for the hell of it.

    The forum software will automatically thumbnail your image to a maximum size of 225x180 if it's size is larger than that. Clicking on the image will show it's full size in a pop-up window.

  2. :applause: \:D/ :dance: :beer: :roses: :woot:
  3. i second that response :woot:
  4. I clicked on Vic's message re his Krusty photo. It took ages to download, even though it was thumbnailed. When I click on the thumbnail, the large image opened immediately, explaining the time it took to download. I am on a work connection with massive bandwidth. If every post in a thread contained a similar sized image, it'd take ages to download.
  5. If you're finding it difficult to express your ideas without pictures, you might contact ACAL ( http://www.acal.edu.au/ ) for directions to your nearest adult literacy centre.

    A community service announcement on behalf of Australia's providers of Adult and Community Education and Neighbourhood Houses.
  6. Yay :)

    And I vote that another guideline should be added that where possible, images should be limited to something like 640x480 or similar.
  7. Some forums I partake in have a user profile option that allows you to either display images in posts or just have a link to the pic you can click on which if possible with the software here could be worth a look at by Mouth.
  8. By that reasoning it would suffice that all motorcycle servicing technical manuals should be words only. No pictures.
  9. I already asked in Vics' piccie thread, but why is it when I click on an image (Vics' photo of Krusty to be precise) it comes up in a non-resizable window that I can't scroll around. Not very user friendly IMO...
  10. I had the same - try right clicking and selecting "copy image location", then paste it into a new window.
  11. Mark, where is hell did you get the idea people here are adults?
  12. I agree, if it's going to be dislayed in a thumbnail size then it should be a thumb nail file size as well.

    Even on a super fast broadband connection here at work it took a good 20 seconds to download the so called "thumb nail" of Vic's pic in this thread, I'd hate to think how long it would take at home on dial up.

    Good to see images being allowed and a sensible limit applied as well.
  13. I've read enough manuals to conclude that the authors never went near a literacy class. QED.

    Your point is taken - I'm (hamfistedly) observing that you can write the word "owned" (or "pwned"), LOL, YMMV, etc. without needing to insert a graphic from web's infinite library of superfluous images.
  14. Please set a max pic size. Some of us ARE still on dialup thanks to Tel$tra
  15. Unfortunately this seems to just generate a html tag so the pic displays in a 225x180 window. It doesn't actually resize the image so the browesr still downloads the full high res pic and displays in a small window.

    I have seen in some forums where it actually resizes the images, maybe you can do the same with this forumn

  16. Agreed.

    Netrider is the bottleneck, not your connection, so it would be roughly the same amount of time.

  17. IMG tags are finally allowed...

    rock on :)
  18. Yippie! :grin: :dance:
  19. The full size of the image is larger than your screen resolution. Eg. Your screen may be set to 1024x768 and the image size is 1200x1024. I hear what you say about the lack of scroll in the pop-up window and will look-at/correct that.
  20. That would involve/require the actual image being uploaded to the Netrider server, so that we have access to it, to be able to create a reduced size copy and display that.

    The limitation there with the speed is the upload speed of Vic's home ADSL connection, since that is where your browser is getting it from.