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Imagine if you were on your bike........

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rogues, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. .......and this happened :-s talk about walking into roadrage.........

    (borrowed from another forum)

  2. Just Hilarious, Hahahahahaha
    Some mothers do have them.
  3. haha really????
    some people......
  4. While obviously a ridiculous reaction and uncalled for, did anyone notice the "protagonist" in the story didn't have enough sense to notice that the rager was faster in the first place and didn't just yield? The "antagonist" was clearly speeding.... so it wasn't his issue, that he might have cut him off?

    Doesn't excuse the reaction... just food for thought...
  5. he did'nt cut him off though.
    the two lanes merged into one and he was ahead when they did.
  6. and the guy was 50 metres behind. That's not exactly one or two car lengths.
  7. It's a great read, but I can think of any number of reasons why this wouldn't have happened to a biker.
    Incidentally I was told by a copper about the door-as-a-weapon technique. As bikers the second scenario applies: wait until the driver puts his foot on the ground and then front-kick the door closed. Not that I condone violence of any kind, mind...
  8. Think about it for a sec... What if one was doing say 50, and the 4WD was doing 80 or 90? 50m is only a matter of ~6s of time there...

    What if the 4WD wasn't really 50m behind, but really 20m? I am not suggesting the author is lying, although he could be, just playing devil's advocate. The way the story is written, we just assume some of the bits suiting the protagonist are correct
  9. 6 seconds is pretty big, certainly a gap I'd have no issue moving into, particularly if my lane is ending and I'd end up on dirt before they came past.I think it's safe to assume from the story that the van is doing the speed limit.

    There is a huge difference between 50m and 20m. 20m is a standard gap between moving cars.
  10. Oh give me a fukkin' break..[-(

    I put this up because it is an extreme situation that one could come up against.... and is worth reminding those of us that ride that crazies ARE out there..](*,)

    ......... and I can and will vouch for the author, the guys' switched on, and no newbie to riding ok,...so give me a break with your protagonist/ antagonist dribble and how about we just accept that shit like this can happen........

    The whole point being.... if you ride.... ride defensively
  11. well common courtessy dictates use the zip sytem when merging. common sense too actually.
    however, assholes abound, therefore when the lanes actually merge into one lane. ie; the painted broken lines end. then the vehicle ahead has right of way.
    assholes do speed up to get this, rather than be courteous.
  12. I've never heard it called this before but it's instantly recognisable and I like it. I do it in the cage and it's amazing how others toe the line, and traffic flows as a result.
    On the bike however, I make my way to the fly button as fast as I can ;)
  13. It can be pretty difficult with the perspective within a car for a lot of people... It is a lot harder to judge distances than people think. i.e. sit in a car, on a road and try to estimate the distance to various object, and then measure. It isn't uncommon to be out by a factor of 2.

    It can, just the way it was written popped up a flag. We all write stories, particular "war stories" so to speak with a protagonist/antagonist slant so it is nothing unusual.

    All I am trying to advocate is appreciating perspective. Each of us has our own and we can do our best, but it never matches reality exactly. No doubt, the other guy was a tosspot - but it never hurts to read between the lines either and appreciate just the possibility of an alternate perspective...
  14. Yep, I will concede that point, however until working in the several kilometres zone the error is virtually always in underestimating rather than overestimating.
  15. Watched an "exchange" of words on the Hume Hwy from the Crossroads Hotel car park yesterday around noon. Two cagers with one leaning on the horn climbing all over the arse of the cage in front for reasons we were not privy to. Once at the light (by this stage they were next to each other in adjacent lanes), they started hurling abuse at each other through open windows culminating in one of the drivers squirting water from a drink bottle into the other vehicle's open passenger window. He then got out of his cage and came around to the driver's door of the other car and the we thought it would be on for young and old. Fortunately, the lights changed and the aggressor two remaining brain cells voted that he'd rather drive off to whatever Father's Day outing he was heading towards rather than get involved an outdoor MMA match.

    Funny sh!t (from the side-line) but shows just how society is so intolerant to any indigestion and can easily escalate to road-rage. In my opinion, life is too short to get worked up about this crap and I drive/ride accordingly! People, take a chill-pill; if you make a mistake, acknowledge it and move on; if somebody does something to you, suck it in and don't turn it into WW3.

    Of course, if the aggressor is under the influence of drugs (illicit or prescribed), logic is libel to be taking a holiday and the agress-ee might need to allow insurance/police sort out the eventual winner.
  16. Yes, i noticed that to. Could you not have pulled out in front of the guy. Waited till he passed, and then pulled out?
    A bigger 4WD, with a trailer is alot of weight to pull up in a hurry.

    No excuse of course... But...
  17. Can I just reiterate the no excuse.... I just don't want others to mistake the alternate line of thought with defending the douche
  18. Raven, I might be reading it wrong but it suggests the van was not pulling out of a side street but simply merging where two lanes become one. The 4wd wouldn't have to pull up all that much.