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Imagine how bad this would have been if he wasn't wearing full leathers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by icestorm, Jul 26, 2011.

  2. Ouch,

    There was one I saw where they came along a few seconds after, and stuff was still rolling and bouncing around. Bike left the road at real speed and went into the ditch, about 10m before a driveway / culvert / little bridge affair. I remember it because it was also a black ZX10R. Looked a lot worse than that one though.
  3. that's a ripper of a hole, cool.

    friction burn ?
  4. the thai ones are the best.
    always trying to talk with their jaws hanging of and stuff. "mi bing pop ding dog wop noing!!!
  5. "Oh look - there's a hole in my arm.." LOL. Gotta have a chuckle whenever you can walk away.
  6. Jesus christ, that was a nasty hole in his arm!
  7. Boring commentary............................should have commented like this dude.
  8. ^^^^^^ hahahahah