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imagination or reality

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Dont know what the deal is with the other states, but i have my chosen 'sunday drives' which date back since the early 80's. now they are the sunday RIDES...now that i have my firt MotorBike.

    On these sunday rides, the same places i used to go for 25 plus years, there are now hordes of Mbikes that i never noticed before.

    today am having my first coffee at a quiet country cafe/bakery (meadows)....25-30 bikes roll up and line the street in front of the cafe. go the the next place 20 kms down the road (strathalbyn), already there are 30 bikes parked at a coffee shop, then 25-30 triumph owners roll up and join in. then half a dozen harly riders roll up. go for a walk around the little country town 20 plus bikes parked at the pub.

    i dont remember that many MBikes arounds when i used to do these trips with the cage.

    is it becaue i am now a Mbike rider, and i am more alert to them...or there are genuinely more Mbikes out there these days?
  2. jphanna,
    Kind of a shame to see your once enjoyed 'sunday ride' destinations now filled with hoards of motorbikes.
    Motorbike sales seem to have steadily increased. In other years, sales have gone through periods of explosive expansion, one such year being 2005 (first 6 mths) motorbike sales 'sky-rocketed'. The following article is something I myself found interesting when stumbling across it, as a result of reading your thread.... http://www.bikenut.com.au/bikesalesstats.php.
    The other thing I've noticed on many occasions, which I guess is a 'human thing' is that when one drives a certain vehicle, all of a sudden (unbeknownst to me) those types of cars miraculously appear where they may have been totally neglected/ignored previously ! So I think your last line sums this up nicely (y)

    Here's to hoping you find some less-traversed roads/destinations on your 2 wheels that you, mostly, can enjoy :)
    Cheers bud.
  3. I think what the OP was referring to was that he notices more motorcycles now he rides them.
    When I was on crutches and in a boot for 5 months after my achilles tear I never realised how many people were on crutches or wearing a boot.
    Same when we first got our maltese dog now it seems every second person owns one.
    It's a mindset, you tend to notice stuff that is important to you in your life or has had a profound effect. I notice more bikes and can make out more or less what type of bike it is from the sound it makes. Why? because I ride.
  4. Totally agree smee. I used cars as an example. Same goes for any vehicle/motorbike I've had the pleasure in driving/riding etc...even those 'other' french designs I once totally ignored :)
  5. I see stupid people everywhere.
  6. Of some interest, given that one does indeed tend to notice things more when they relate to oneself, is that while the op sees alot more bikes 'now', reinforces the fact that he did 'not' whilst caging it.

    It's simply indicative of how cagers really 'do not' see us!!

    ( that's NOT a sling-off at jphanna in any personal way...just a general observation, derived from his own observations)

    Most cagers tend NOT to see bikes, coz they aren't really trained to see us. The point being - don't be surprised, when they don't.
  7. Personally, I like it when there's other bikers around, part of a 'not so' secret club.
    If you want to get away from the hordes, you can easily just go for a longer ride.