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Images Request - Ninja 250r next to CBR 125R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by drewzor, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Hey all, I pulled up next to a ninja 250r this morning in my car and started to drool. I've had my heart set on down grading my FZR250 to a CBR 125 but this bike keeps poping up.

    My partner said "its not very tall".. what chew talking about willis? I said,
    "it looks dwafed because its not that tall"... mmm I see what you mean.

    So I'm really interested to see these bikes side by side with riders on them.

    If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Why on earth would you want to downgrade to a CBR125 :? :?
    Hope You don't plan alot of highway crusing, the 125 will be working extremely hard over 100km/h after taking a millenium too get there.
  3. Will be fitting a malossi big bore kit to the 125 but I still have no need to do over 100..
  4. :rofl: :rofl:
  5. Dont laugh! I want be able to get up the hills without this mod....

  6. Dont laugh! I want be able to get up the hills without this mod....

  7. I wrote somewhere that the 125 is so underpowered it is dangerous.
  8. I'm still wondering ....


    :? :?
  9. cos I can... my fzr250 is passed 110k's by the end of 3rd gear it seems very pointless. though i do enjoy getting there that quick, I would rather
    something i can ride hard and not lose my licence.
    With 180cc it gives great pickup but the top end remains basically the same.
  10. You could always try backing off the throttle once you've reached your speed limit .. works for me.
    Good Luck with the mod. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  11. What a monumental waste.. 5 grand + whatever the bore kit costs = unreliable cbr125 with no warranty. Could just buy a new ninja 250 or gpx250 and have something more reliable, worth more, more powerful, etc.
  12. Put on the mother of all oversized rear sprockets to bring 5th gear down to 120kph? ;)
  13. Why not buy a new Ninja and sleeve it down.
  14. Hmmm ... to OP ... :shock:
  15. Dude maybe consider a scooter? It seems to fit your requirments. Something to go around town on, not too powerful no need for riding at 100 km/h.

    What about a 125cc 2-stroke scooter?

    Actually the CBR125 was designed for scooter riders who wanted the looks of a bike!

    I have a FZR250 and why you would want to downgrade to a CBR125 is beyond me. If you think the power of the FZR250 is pointless then what about the majority of bigger bore bikes? The FZR has very little power compared to them.
  16. #16 drewzor, Mar 31, 2008
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    My partner has a bolwell vs 125 and its fun no doubt, [media=youtube]fQg8fUsnLgY[/media]

    I'm not here to sell this to you all but I'll explain how I'm thinking so that we can get back to original request.

    My FZR250 for the most part utilises about 50-75% of its power even on weekend rides on the back roads. Yeah, this has made me wonder about 600cc + riders why they spend that much and must use about 25% of its ability 90% percent of the time. I can see the benefit of being able to access that power more easily and I'm the first inline to say I love to get to 100km as fast as possible. I recognise that I'm being a tool and consider this downgrade a way of enforcing some sensible riding before I lose my license.

    But lets consider my wacky rationalizations,
    A Ninja 250r is 151kg and produces 36 hp (27 kW) thats 4.2kg per 1hp
    A cbr125R is 115kg and produces 13hp (9.75 kw) thats 8.8kg per 1hp
    So if modifications and upgrades could produce 28hp (21 kw) that’s 4.1Kg per 1hp which then equals the power to weight delivery of the ninja.

    Ok I'm looking at downgrading so there is no need to rip 28hp out of this bike but 15-18hp is very achievable @ 30% of total expense.

    I think that’s worth it, it doesn't change the top end much but gives a more powerful delivery of speed closer to an aprillia but at half the price.
    I think that the cbr 125R is a great base to work on being nimble and light.

    any other issues about the mods and penis size issues can be discussed here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=50680&highlight=

    This was a low biterate clip left over from a project i worked on, by 4th gear @ .14sec in the clip I'm rolling off power because I'm doing 140kmph.
    I like to ride and feel the bikes reaching its limits even if that means 80kmph or 140kmph but 80kmph is much more sensible

    I would really apreciate if someone who own's one with a friend who owns the other would post a pic of them side by side with riders on the bikes.
  17. But add say 80kg for the rider:
    Ninja = 6.4 kg/hp
    CBR = 15kg/hp
    Much bigger difference

    And even with mods:
    CBR with 28hp = 7kg/hp
    Still more than the Ninja

    And then there's also the difference in torque....
  18. Is it an issue about self control. I know it's hard sometimes but we all have to deal with it.

    Do you know a good shrink? Only kidding - who would?
  19. It's a bit quicker than a CBR125 but I've got a Repco mountain bike on the driveway I was going to put in hard rubish. I'll swap ya for the FZR if you like. :grin:

    You might want to get off the Repco and push it on the downhill sections though in case it gets away from you. :LOL:
  20. I was waiting for the "you pussy" jokes to come through seany, I do enjoy them. Truth is I would love something more powerfull then the fzr but it would surely result in no license and a big fine. The 250 often feels under powered but everytime I look down at the speedo I'm breaking the law and I've bearly finished 3rd gear from taking off at the lights.

    Yeah I could back off the throttle, then why have a bike with that power?
    So you own something bigger, and within the law how often do you utilise 100% of its power delivery.... NEVER! (I thought so) still you spent money on that. If fact you probably waisted 30% of your total spend where as I will be utilising every dollar. I dont intend to go to track days and I dont need to break the law. Its not for everyone but surely everyone can understand where I'm coming from?