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Images in signatures will have your account disabled!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. A strong reminder to everyone that the following is not allowed on the Netrider forums:

    * Images within signatures
    * Posting links to eBay ad's (or other classifieds media) for items you are selling
    * Your first post being within the For Sale section.

    This is zero tolerance, and your account will be disabled if this occurs.
  2. Does this include all smilies in your sig?
  3. aw Ben12, what a shame :LOL:
  4. hahaha hornet600 i read that post the other day i didnt speak up but i was on your side. he was just using this site to get people to his he didnt care bout wat went on at this site. thats wat i reakon at least
  5. No, the Netrider provided smilies are acceptable.
  6. Do you mean hyperlinks in signatures(like below) or actual pictures?
  7. What about GRUMPIES in your sig???

    {just kidding, back to the subject....}
  8. Why is that ?
  9. thats actually one thing i really like about netrider.
    a couple of other places i frequent have them whopper pics in sig's and it annoys me....it slows load time, draws away from what is actually typed blah blah blah....
  10. Actual pics using the IMG tags
  11. For the reason joelridescbr mentions, and that they are a haven for virus and trojan spreaders.
  12. my bodyart forum has img tags disabled for sigs, can this not be done here?
    though i dont run phpbb....
  13. Jeez Paul, I thought you and Ben12 were getting along like a house on fire! :LOL:
    He was such a pleasant sort of chap too.......

    Regards, Andrew.