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Image is everything????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pacs50, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. im gonna chuck this out there and it'll be interesting to get your opinions......I understand that it will vary from rider to rider.

    Poeple love to ride for whatever reason, be it the thrill of the open road, as cheap mode of transport, the freedom, or the image.

    How important is the latter....I mean, I see motorbike "riders" who spend more time in cafe's with their bikes parked on the footpath than riding them....and not to pigeon hole any body coz I'll sip latte's any day of the week.

    But at what point does it just become an issue of: Blokes/Ladies with enough money to buy the flashiest bike, in order to parade down busy streets sporting their uber-expensive jackets, with helmets in hand so that they can simply BE SEEN........

    Image is a part of it...I get it ....is it everything??

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  2. I don't care about image, I never worried about it in 1974 and the years haven't changed anything.....
  3. d'you get what im saying though hornet?
  4. well some people just like to have a coffee, and just take the bike.. But i guess the image thing can be more important to some. But i would say in general that peoples bikes would drink more fuel than they do coffee..
  5. "Its not how you stand by your bike ... its how you ride your bike"

    Sure image is a part of it otherwise how else do companies like Ducati and Alpinestar get away with charging such obsene prices.
  6. i don't give a crap. I mean i'm not going to look like a total dork just because, i will purchase stuff that looks ok and goes with my other gear PROVIDED it meets all the features i want out of it AND is within my price range.

    I WILL NOT go out of my way to buy something that doesn't have the features or isn't the right price just so that i can look good.

    Although i don't try to look like a chum it is definately FUNCTIONALITY over LOOKS for me!!
  7. I try to keep my helmet on my head, helmet hair does nothing for my image! Yes, I stop for a latte now and then (and yes I have done the coffee run when I don't have the time to get out for a proper ride, its at least an hour out and in again from home before I get to a halfway decent road), but I bought my bike for my enjoyment, what anyone else makes of it is up to them.
  8. I like to look good, but trying to do it on a very tight budget.
    But riding is the main thing. if all i could ride was a beat old postie bike coz thats all i could afford. then thats what i would do.
  9. i know whenever i'm wondering along chapel st on a warmish night i seem to see many examples of what you describe here.

    However, i agree with night rider in that my gear just has to look ok, but more importantly it has to fulfil it's job of saving me if worst comes to worst.
  10. Good point.....
  11. Oh yeah, I understand. Doesn't it just stick in your craw that the only people who can afford an MV are people who will probably never ride it the way YOU would?

    I ride because I love to do it; you don't do a 1228km ride in 19 hours if you don't love to ride. But as I said, I've never worried about the image. My first bike was a 250cc two-stroke, the second a Yamaha 650cc vertical twin and the third a 500cc Kawasaki 4 cylinder bike. In each case I bought them because they were what I wanted, not necessarily what I thought I'd like to be seen on.....
  12. for sure, riding is all about image. no way i'd own a bike if it wasn't for the macho image it gives me. not that i need help with that, i mean look at me, i'm an adonis :cool: and yeah, everyone knows that you cant look this hot and not drink latte :roll: jeez, how do you think i got this good looking to start with?

    i also like to make sure my stubble is just the right length for that rough and ready look, and you cant really wear the same one piece race suit with meticulously manicured sliders every day, i have one to match each of my favorite cafes...

    :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Stopped to have a chat with a group of riders near Chapel st whilst they were sipping latte's outside a Cafe' one night, saw a few bikes that REALLy caught my eye one guy had an MV, coupla SP4's and so forth.....they saw me pull up on my 2-fitty, with a grin from ear to ear, asked one guy what the MV was like, he flipped me the bird -ever so politely- and told me get back on my bike.....

    seem to be having alot of similar experiences on the road as well with large groups of riders being quite intimidating...shouldnt be like that

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. image is a large part of motorcycling.

    it's why I don't ride a ratbike.
  15. Coconuts were you near Chapel Street a coupla weeks ago???

    I do remember seeing someone with perfectly groomed facial hair.....ever so important...

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. that'd be me for sure, i'm in no way related to that clown that shaves once a week, rides a $5000 ratty looking streetfighter, wears gear that wouldn't total $1000 and hates anything that resembles coffee :p :p :p
  17. Respectfully, i think its more the detractors who care about their image than the coffee drinkers you describe. I mean who is spending thier time worried about how much time people who ride spend drinking coffee? Cant they drink as little or lot of coffee as they please?

    Do you want to have cool looking kit - well of course, its costs a bundle may as well look good, go fast and keep you protected. Why not?

    In short - get something else to worry yourself about, its pointless :)
  18. 4sure Image means a lot to many that ride, from the café society Euro biker to the all out dress up tough HOG riders.
    But money doesn’t buy taste, there are people out there with $$$ that still put it all together and project an image of tacky.
    There are also those out there whom don’t wish to spend all their wealth in the pursuit of motorcycling but still manage to project an image of style about themselves.
    And offcourse there are those who absolutely don’t give a rats about how they look, and no amount of money they have will change them as image is of no concern.
    Lattes and swank leatherwear aside, its all about what melts your own chocolate, are you happy? That’s all that counts.
  19. I know the type you're talking about. Those like the guy who gave you the bird are wankers, pure and simple. But it's only a small minority. You can pick em by the 1200 sports bike, 3yrs old and still only 600km on the clock.

    However, most riders you see drinking a coffee probably don't fit that bill. People tend to become friends with other people who have similar interests. It makes sence that a motorcyclist will associate largely with other riders. Most of the time, all you're seeing is a few mates getting together for a coffee. The bikes and leather just turn up with the people, rather than the people being there simply to show off the bikes. There's plenty of people with nice cars out there too, but no-one accuses them of being posers simply for parking their transport near the cafe the meet their friends in.

    Don't let the occaisional fcuk wit put you off talking to people. Most riders are friendly and would jump at the chance to talk about their bike. :)
  20. The only "image" I don't want is the one produced by a speed .... errr ... "safety camera" :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Other than that I don't give a ratz .. :LOL: :LOL: