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I'm Trev, and I, like to party {Nth Melb}

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by XCSEDAN, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. whats up guys?
    I'm trev, and I, like to party

    i drive a 1977 XC Falcon (never ending project), a 1997 MX-5 and i ride a K3 GSX-R 600 (which was my daily up till september),

    broke my spine (fractured L1 vertebrae in 3 places, plus a whole heap of other damage in my feet, ankles, legs, back neck, etc) in september last year after a bad fall, the recovery is tough, but i'm hanging to get back to riding, a mate recommended this forum because its Australian based so it makes it a little easier to get to know people from the area.

    I'm a member from Gixxer.com as well so if some people are on that they may already know me.

    here's some pics of the gixxer, unfortunatly it's gone for a couple of minor slides since i've owned it, i hit black ice at 20kmh and i was turning right at an intersection and hit gravel at about 40 as well, thank fcuk for the frame sliders, only damage was a bent rear brake lever, and cosmetic scratches.



    and here's all the stuff waiting to go onto it.


    and for the sake of it, here's my daily gear


    looking forward to meeting a few people and going on some group rides.
    speak to yas
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  2. Trev, welcome to the forum.. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

    Hope to see you out there!

  3. welcome aboard :] that's shite load of gear :]
  4. Welcome my friend. Your bike comes up alright in those photos, for a dropper ;)
  5. Welcome to the forum. Hope the one picture showed your gear and not you IN your gear - would have meant one hell of a fall you had!
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  6. #6 Oldmaid, Jan 13, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
    Welcome XCSEDANXCSEDAN party boy!
    Should I ask what you use the Mortein for on your very nice bike pls? Do have hitch hikers?:p
  7. Welcome to NR. Your bike looks good in the photo.
  8. haha cheers guys, and thanks for the kind words.

    bucci, you know the saying, once you drop you can't stop ;) though i gotta admit, your R6 definitely looked better posed up against mine.

    yeah thats just my standard daily gear, then i have my Alpinestars Track Pants, Held Titan gloves, i'm about to order some finn moto jeans and some new boots as well.

    mod bits are:
    Vortex 520 conversion -1 on the front EK ZZZ chain
    EBC HH front pads, cintered rear, EBC wave rear rotor (undersize, previous owner must have ridden the rear brake like mad)
    PCV fuel controller, and PCV ignition controller
    DRD speedo correction
    Puig DB dark smoke (now broken, buying a corsa next i think)
    Driven D-axis grips and bar ends
    Akrapovic GP shorty, off an 06 GSX-R600/750 will be mated to a 1000cc header
    Vortex rearsets
    LED flushmount indicators for the front
    FP Racing custom engraved levers
    GSX-R 750 Intake cam (moving the standard intake across to the exhaust side, should be good for 5+hp at the tyre with a tune)
    SS braided brake lines

    and i think that's it....

    trying to stick with the black and red theme on the bike. keep it looking neat.

    here's a pic of the levers, bit of a giggling point for me.
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  9. Nice touch with the text on the levers =D
  10. sometimes, when i have extra cash, my baby gets a treat (it actually ran on this about 60% of the time tbh)

    and a pic of myself and bucci pulled up at kinglake, not a great shot, but eh, it's all we took i think.
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  11. ahaha cheers, i thought so, though i think they're a little short for my liking (they are the mid length levers), i think i'll end up swapping for a set of longer levers in the long run, but they'll do for now.
  12. its to keep the bitties at bay ahahahaha
  13. Does that mean the Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! gets longer :)
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  14. indeed it does, and i'll be pissing off the , in the 3 2 1 as well. they look shit imo.

    thinking this time 3... 2... 1... GO!
    and maybe for the brakes SHITSHITSHITSHIT
  15. Welcome mate. hey there's a really flat guy lying on your bed.
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  16. just thought i would update
    got back on the bike 2 weeks ago, been for 3 rides since, slowly getting there.
    new tank is on its way (mine is rusted internally) as is a whole bunch of other stuff, fuel pump assembly etc
    picked up the 1000 header as well
    titanium gooodnesssssssssssss