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I'm trapped in by the 100k zones

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by powinc, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. That's right, I've just got my learners and a VTR250 and I live in a town surrounded by 100k zones. But the fastest I've been so far is 70k. :oops:

    So, I've been taken the back roads for a week now and hopefully, I can get upto speed soon
  2. Go for it mate, bikes get more stable the faster you go.
  3. ask a po po wats his view on it as its not safe to ride Learners speed in a 100 zone.

    and if he or the chief could write a letter stating the permit to do so :p
  4. I don't quite understand? R U saying that going 70k in a 100k zone is dangerous? Well . . . . I might feel alot safer at 110k, once I get the nerve.
  5. It will come to you without you even realising it.
    Stick to quiet roads until you are ready.
    100 is the limit not the minimum :)
  6. A few months from now you'll be saying how difficult it is to stay under 100!
  7. Welcome.

    Stick to the quiet roads till you are confident. I wouldn't be straying into 100kph zones until you can do it, othrwise you could end up wearing a cager up your bum.

    But don't worry, it won't take long.
  8. +1 to what grey said take your time will only be a couple more weeks if you ride most days and you will be looking for the radars :LOL:
    hehehe and i started on an rgv :p
  9. I went out today and rode around a few of new estate roads. They are smooth with little traffic and fewer homes.

    I practiced heavy braking with a late swerve when I slowed down, but what other manoeuvres should i practice for the future?
  10. Living in Torquay you'll need to practice avoiding stoned surfers :LOL:
  11. Good practice is keeping a real close eye on what car drivers do. In traffic the best defence is understanding the way car drivers think (and often don't think). Practice changing where in the lane you ride depending on where you think cars might be doing stupid things and cutting you off. Try to imagine what each car could do to get you in trouble and ride in the best way to avoid each of these things. Most important in a touristy town is being aware that people do stupid things and to be really alert when it's busy. And try not to stare at the chicks in bikinis and ride up the back of a 4WD.

    But then I've only been riding for a few weeks so what would I know. My first ride after getting my Ls was riding up the Calder to Bendigo at 110.
  12. :LOL: Pisser!
  13. You guys are funny
  14. I got up to 80k's today. Wooho :grin:
  15. double that and your bike will be maxxing out :wink:
    not that i ever got my VTR to those speeds.
    and losing my licence was purely coincidental :LOL:

    enjoy the VTR.
    i want another :grin:
  16. I remember the first time I went out on the road, thought I was going soooo fast then realized I was only doing 30ks!

    But like they say it dosent take long for your concept of fast to change.

    now I'm like OPPS was I really going that fast? :-w
  17. :LOL: :LOL:

    as Loz said Bikes are more stable at speed. It's riders that create problems. Build up gradually, you'll be fine. That said ..don't try cornering at speeds that make you panic, as I said 'gradually' :p
  18. lmao @ nibs

    hehe.... and the screen and wind drag change/reduction with it was never tested either....

    wouldn't happen :p