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I'm thinking of going the VTR or CBF250 path

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doxxus, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. mostly the cbf because that's what i got my learners on, and i know i fit. also because it has a rev meter as well, but i havent even sat on a vtr.

    i was originally thinking about the standard cbrrrrrr or zx2r thing, but really i'd prefer a newer bike for the price, and in some cases cheaper. but i figured i might as well start on a naked bike (which i love the look of), and then when i'm ready and unrestricted just get that 600 i always wanted.

    just what i thinks anyways :)
  2. VTR > CBF.

    Others will say the same.
  3. i actually went and checked some details, and yes, i now agree.

    vtr > cbf.

    now to find one and buybuybuy
  4. The CBF is a fine little jigger, the VTR just has more of everything. It's a lot more expensive though.

    Newer VTR's have a 'rev meter' too.

    The old CB250's are much better value right now than either of them. It's at least as good a machine as the CBF.
  5. FTR, it's a Tachometer, aka Tacho. :wink:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of bikes. :grin:
  6. where are you from doxxus? if ur from vic, check bikesales... there's 04 blue one going for 4.8k. probably you can still nego on the price.

    i just bought 1 myself. they are great. hehe at least better than cb i was learning on at motorcycle motion.
  7. What year did they introduce the 'revmeter' on the VTR, out of interest? I've been riding one with only a 'speedmeter' at the moment.
  8. VTR.... little more money, heaps better bike.
  9. VTR is what I ride and I would have to agree with everyone else that it is a top bike. I have the 2002 model so no tacho and that can sometimes get annoying, but still a great bike.