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I'm thinking of doing this in 2 years. I'd like to do it in 1, but I think 2 is a more realistic ide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by excalibur, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. It's a 16,000 km trip, and I'm looking to do it on a motorbike.

    I've been considering a few potential bikes to do this on.

    A dual sport bike, such as a KLR650, or the equivalent Yamaha or Suzuki. I'm put off the BMW GS bikes, simply because they are expensive, and I think will be much harder to find parts for, than something from a large Japanese manufacturer. I'm looking at a midweight bike, not a litre size, or bigger, like they did on "The Long Way Round/Down."

    I'm also considering getting a Ural sidecar possibly one with 2 wheel drive. An advantage of a Ural would be that many of the countries I'll be going through would be familiar with them, and I'll have extra luggage carrying capacity for extra equipment and fuel. It also won't fall over. On the downside with these, they do use a lot more fuel, as they are much heavier, and the engine is far less efficient.

    When you are finished with the bikes when you arrive in Ulaanbaatar (Mongol Capital) the vehicles are donated to become part of an Ambulance fleet for Mongolia, as it doesn't have an Ambulance service.

    What does netrider think? Am I mental? What bike would you suggest?
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  2. just awesome
  3. any motorcycle teams ?
    what are they riding ?
  4. No bike teams, just a large group all leaving London at once. If you fall into a group, that's up to you, and your route to "UB" is also up to you.
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  5. well there's never been a better time to embark on such an adventure; practically any modern 'adventure' bike will do the trip reliably, but more importantly, will leave you time to enjoy the sights and sounds and smells
  6. Go for it. Sounds like great, once in a lifetime adventure.
    As far as bike choice goes..I'd be doing it on the lightest one.
  7. That'd be some kind of 250cc bike, like a super sherpa. I, personally, wouldn't want to do 10,000 miles on a bike that wouldn't like to carry my 85kg, and with another 85kg of gear, and having enough power available to do what may be required to get me out of trouble, if I should need it.

    The Ural may be heaviest, at almost 335kg dry weight. I'm thinking this might be a worthy trade for the fact that it won't fall over, the extra carrying capacity, and that it's 2wd.
  8. well if it was good enough for the Russian Army.... :LOL:
  9. Postie bike!!
  10. You should certainly enjoy the journey, but worth also considering the maintenance issues and costs from the Mongolian point of view. What manufacturers can provide the most reliable support at the cheapest prices? I would guess the larger Jap makes.
    Then again the sidecar outfit would have the advantage of being able to carry injured or sick people to a hospital.

  11. That's why I'm considering the Ural. The proximity to Russia, where the bikes are still made, the familiarity of a Soviet piece of machinery, and that the motor in the Ural is meat and potatoes engineering means you can fix it with a piece of string and a hammer.